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Peak Climbing In Nepal – A Complete Guide To Nepal’s Trekking Peaks

Since the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) was formed in 1978, peak climbing in Nepal has become more popular than ever. In fact, there are now over 30 trekking peaks in Nepal with more being opened

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The Definitive List of Places to Visit In Nepal And Things to Do!

Whilst the famous mountainous country of Nepal is known for its soaring peaks, wild landscape and mountaineering expeditions, there’s actually far more to Nepal than many people realise. The mountains

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Khumbu Cough – The High Altitude Hacking Cough

The Khumbu cough, also referred to as the high altitude hack, is a cough caused by the low humidity and temperatures associated with high altitudes. The Khumbu cough is named after the valley that leads

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Best Hikes In Nepal – There’s Something For Everyone Here

With many of the worlds tallest mountains on earth, it’s easy to see why Nepal is such a hot-spot for hikers. The wild landscape, rugged terrain and beautiful vistas make the tiny mountain country

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Internet Access On An Everest Base Camp Trek

Although many people come to Everest to get away from the rat race and escape the hectic lifestyle that city living brings, receiving internet and mobile signal is still very important. In this article

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Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty (What To Expect)

With more than 30,000 tourists a year, the Everest Base Camp trek (EBC) is the single most popular trek in Nepal. The name alone conjures visions of soaring peaks and sky-high altitudes, but just how

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Annapurna Circuit Cost – How Much To Budget

The Annapurna Circuit trek is one of the most beautiful treks in the world. Its changing climatic zones and incredible scenery bring people back to the region time and time again. Like many fabulous treks,

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6 Most Amazing Mountain Passes In The Himalayas

One of the most popular trekking destinations on earth, Nepal is home to many of the tallest mountains on earth. Its stunning landscape is a mixture of rock, snow, grasslands and, above all else, stunning

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It Isn’t Earthquakes That Kill People – It’s Collapsing Buildings

Engineers often jest that it isn’t earthquakes that kill people – it’s collapsing buildings. This is to be borne in mind after almost 9,000 people perished in Nepal’s earthquake of

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Food And Drinking Water On An Everest Base Camp Trek

When planning your Everest Base Camp trek it is important to know what food will be available to you along the route and what food you’ll need to bring yourself. For most trekkers, the Everest Base

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