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Mountain Quotes: Epic Slogans About Hiking And Climbing

Most of the quotes about mountains and mountaineering could be the best slogans for stepping into a new world fearlessly, taking a leap of faith to see something unseen and explore somewhere unexplored.

To inspire ourselves and our readers we started compiling the most encouraging and inspirational mountain quotes to remind us to live outside our comfort zone. Where life really happens.

Our Favorite Mountain Quotes

Climb that goddamn mountain Kerouac MountainIQ Quotes

Jack Kerouac was not only a renowned  author, but also some-what of an underground celebrity forever fascinated by some controversial topics, including promiscuity and drugs.

As a wonderful representative of the US Beat Generation, Kerouac was a living testament to stepping out of your comfort zone in ever-challenging attempts to get the most of this life. 

One of his most popular books on travel, On The Road, is perfectly outlined by the BBC and is one of the best reads about road trips in America.

To hike some of these destinations, check out our detailed overview of hiking in this immense country.

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Hiking: There Is No App For That


Hiking Is The Answer, Who Cares About The Question

Born To Hike Forced To Work MountainIQ Quotes

This is the one for those especially hard Mondays, when a little empathy would go a very long way! 

Let's Wander Where WiFi Is Weak


Actually, I'd Rather Hike & Chill

I’d Rather Hike & Chill

There Are Two Types Of Hobbies: Hiking & The Others

There Are Two Types Of Hobbies, Hiking & The Others
The best thing about hiking Quote

In the modern life, where everything is so fleeting and fast-paced, it is an enormous luxury to go for a walk in nature and truly clear one's head. 

Without this luxury, however, can we really be humane and successful?

Isn't it true that our best thoughts need a lot of space and time to emerge? Such thoughts - born in the most pristine of moments - can materialise into the best inventions and take humanity further along its journey. 

Hike More, Worry Less


I Let The Mountains Solve My Problems


Mountains, Adventure, Coffee


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