16 Epic Camping Gifts For Women Who Love The Wilderness

Updated: August 24, 2023
camping gifts for women

Today, there is a whole range of fun gadgets and great gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Many of these items make perfect camping gifts for women. If the ladies in your life love camping, it makes them a whole lot easier to shop for.

When buying a women's camping gift, you should think about whether the person will actually use it. For instance, there's no point gifting a camp cookware sets to someone who hates cooking! 

Maybe you are looking for a birthday gift for your adventurous girlfriend or something special for Mothers Day. Either way, I've got you covered with this list.

Winning Camping Gifts For Her

1. VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

VIFUUR Water Sports Unisex Shoes Black - 11-12 W US / 9.5-10.5 M US (42-43)

These water shoes are great for hanging out around the lake or rock-hopping in a creek while camping out. They protect the soles of your feet from hot sand on the beach and are comfy enough to wear around the pool.

VIFUUR Water Shoes have a smooth elasticated top that stays in place without chafing the ankles. I love that these come in a range of fun designs. They make the perfect gift for a friend or family member that spends a lot of time around water.

2. BPS Custom Keychains

bps keychains

These bespoke keychains not only keep your keys neatly arranged but also come equipped with handy camping features such as a dependable light source, bottle opener, or carabiner. Tailor the functions to your preference!

Furthermore, you have the liberty to personalize the material and design. Opt for metal, acrylic, or lightweight foam and pick a shape that suits you, be it round or rectangular!

See BPS for more information.

3. Custom Camping Backpacks


Every camper deserves a top-notch backpack. A branded one that accommodates all your essentials is an unbeatable choice. Gift these custom backpacks, and watch the delight in the eyes of that special woman in your life!

Beyond just camping, explore a range of features including drawstring, laptop, leather, rolling, and cooler backpacks, among others. Be it at work, school, or an outdoor adventure, these backpacks sporting custom design options are sure to turn heads, showcasing your unique flair and charisma.

3. Columbia Women’s Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket

Columbia Women's Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket, Black, Medium

This jacket is more expensive than other gifts. It makes for an extra special camping gift. The long jacket is wind and water-resistant so it will keep you dry during a drizzle and even light snow.

I love the extra length on theColumbia Women's Long Jacket, it’s flattering fit and also keeps your bottom half warm. Plus, there is a hood.

It’s the perfect thing to take camping in the fall or winter. It rolls up small and doesn’t take much space in a suitcase. The jacket is 100% polyester so its safe to throw into the washing machine.

4.  Buff, The Original

BUFF Original Ecostretch Neck Gaiter, Balaclava, Bandana, Face/Ski Mask For Adults, With UPF 50 Sun Protection, One Size, Black

The original stretchy and versatile ‘headscarf’ with a bunch of different ways to wear it. These are the best for pulling hair back out of your face or covering your mouth and nose when hiking in the wind and dust.

Buffs come in a whole range of colors and designs so you can choose something that the recipient will love. Buff products are very durable and should last for years.

This ‘scarf’ is made of recycled material that is soft and breathable. It is an essential piece of gear for any outdoor-loving woman.

5. Muryobao Women's Ponytail Sun Hat

Women's Sun Hat Outdoor UV Protection Foldable Mesh Bucket Hat Wide Brim Summer Beach Fishing Cap Pure Grey

The Muryobao Sun Hat is perfect for women campers with long hair. It has been very thoughtfully designed so that you can thread your ponytail through the back. This is really super because the hat stays in place better. Plus, you can keep your hair up when its too hot in summer to have it down on your neck.

The sunhat has an adjustable strap just below the ponytail hole at the back. It can comfortably fit most head sizes. The hat is waterproof and quick drying with a mesh insert that allows airflow. Overall a good design and nice gift for a female camper or outdoor lover.

6. Ebmore Women’s Wool Socks

EBMORE Wool Socks for Women Hiking Thermal Warm Winter Thick Boot Cozy Crew Comfy Work Socks for Ladies Stocking Stuffers Gift 5 Pairs(Light Color E)

These comfortable socks are thick and warm, perfect for cold evenings in the campsite. These thick socks also work well in hiking boots.

The merino wool has good moisture wicking properties to keep feet dry. The wool is also non-itchy for sensitive skin types.

Ebmore Ladies Wool Socks are sold in sets of 6 and come in different colors and cute prints. They make a great small camping gift for women. Especially someone who constantly suffers from cold feet!

7. NeatPack Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag and Organizer

NeatPack Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag and Organizer, Water Resistant with Mesh Pockets (Graphite)

This toiletry organizer is a must-have for anyone who needs to use communal bathrooms. The NeatPack bag hangs and opens up vertically so you can easily reach what’s inside. No more putting things on the dirty floor of campsite bathrooms!

What makes this bag special is that it can hold full-sized bottles upright. This means much less chance of leaks, Any who’s had to clean out a toiletry bag soaked in shampoo can appreciate this!

These come in 4 different colors including a neutral ‘forest’ and in-your-face ‘eggplant’. If you are buying this as a gift for a friend, you are going to want to get one for yourself.

8. Victorinox Tinker Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife, Red, 91mm (53101)

Knives are not just for boys! A multitool is a great gift for the independent woman in your life. Every camper needs a good little multi-tool. It’s useful to fix and adjust things around the campsite. It can also be used to slice fruit and cheese for lunch on the trail.

Victorinox knives are sleek but also tough. The Tinker Pocket knife has 12 functions including knives, tweezers and a screwdriver. It also has a keyring so it could be attached to a backpack. It’s a super gift for an older girl scout or a backpacker.

9. Stanley All In One Boil And Brew + French Press

The Stanley All-In-One Brew Set is an ideal gift for a coffee-loving lady. This kit has a decent-sized, 1l (32 oz) jug. After boiling water, add ground coffee, stir and slowly insert the plunger attachment. Simple!

Without the plunger, the steel pot can also be used to heat soup. It makes two + cups of coffee so is also a nice gift for a camping couple.

I love all Stanly products because they come with a lifetime guarantee. This is a gift that will keep on giving.

10. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock - Camping Essentials, Portable Hammock w/Tree Straps, Single or Double Hammock for Outside, Hiking, and Travel

You don’t realize how much you needed a hammock in your life until you have one! They are great birthday gifts for your girlfriend or even for Mothers Day. Wise Owl Hammocks are lightweight, good quality, and convenient to take along on wilderness adventures

This hammock is super easy to set up as it only has one strap on each side with carabiners and adjustable loops. The independent female camper can easily set this up on her own.

11. Bulin Camp Cookware Mess Kit

Bulin Camping Cookware Mess Kit, Nonstick Backpacking Cooking Set, Outdoor Cook Gear for Family Hiking, Picnic| Lightweight Cookware Sets(Kettle, Pots, Frying Pan, BPA-Free Bowls, Plates, Spoon)

This set is ideal for a woman who loves cooking, even when camping. The pots are made of non-stick aluminium.

The handles fold up and the pots pack together and fit in a convenient bag (included). It’s lightweight enough to hike with and, when taken care of, will survive years of use.

You can buy 8, 11,13 and, 24-piece sets. The 8 and 11 piece Bulin cookware sets already have everything you could need including a pot, frying pan, bowls, and serving spoons. Bigger sets have extra bowls and plates.

12. Outdoorwares Wine Bottle And Cup Stakes

Wine Bottle & Cup stakes Holder Rack - Adjustable Height to 36 INCHES, Durable Metallic Frame, Sturdy Base & Secure Grip | Holds Bottles Of Wine, Beer,Champagne,Beverages,Glasses& More 5 Pieces Set

Is the woman in your life a camping-pro who has it all? Does she like wine? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then this is an absolutely perfect camping gift for her!

The set includes 4 metal stakes for glasses and one to hold a full-size wine bottle. The spiral-style holders by Outdoorwares are very elegant and the poles are adjustable. They are great to set up between camping chairs, or around a barbeque. The set comes with a neat storage bag.

This is a fun gift that would be a hit on a girl's camping weekend. They also work well on the beach.

13. Viori Shampoo Bars

Viori Citrus Yao Shampoo Bar Made with Rice Water - Handcrafted All Natural Shampoo Bars - Sulfate Free Shampoo

Shampoo bars are a relatively new trend amongst outdoor lovers and backpackers. These bars are made with all natural products. The save space and are great to take with on a camping excursion.

Viori Shampoo Bars come in beautiful, plastic-free, packaging and a few delicate fragrances.

This shampoo bar is sustainably produced through partnering with local communities. The socially and environmentally-conscious product is a great small gifts for female campers and eco- warriors. The bars are 100% Vegan.

14. Kunodi Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Kunodi Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Portable Mini Shower Travel Speaker with Subwoofer, Enhanced Bass, Built in Mic for Sports, Pool, Beach, Hiking, Camping

This is the gift for a woman who likes camping but can’t live without her music. It has a steel carabiner to attach it to a tent, bike, or backpack. There is also a suction cup to secure it to a smooth surface. The speaker is silicone sealed so you could even use it in the shower. Basically, it can be set up anywhere.

The Kunodi speaker  packs a clear and loud sound. You can also pair them up to create stereo speakers. There’s very few people who wouldn’t want to receive one of these as a gift.

15. Camping Logbook By Peter Pauper Press

The Camping Logbook (Camping Journal): Record Your Adventures

If you have a friend or family member who loves camping and keeps a journal (or likes to keep records), this is will make a thoughtful gift.

The pages in this journal have prompts to fill in everything from location and who you went with to things to avoid if you return. There’s lots of extra space to add photos and notes. It’s a good way to record memories and collect information for follow-up trips.

If I was giving this as a gift, I’d definitely add a nice pen and some chocolates. This will make it extra special to receive.

16. Bedvcaty Camping Blanket

Bedvcaty Camping Blanket, Puffy Waterproof Travel Blanket, Warm Cozy Picnic Blanket, for Outdoors, Travel, and Mountain.(red, 55' x 39')

This quilted nylon blanket is made for snuggling up on cold winter camping trips. I love that it has snaps to turn into a wearable ‘poncho’. The material is liquid repellent so it doesn’t matter too much if you spill your morning coffee.

It packs down into a small bag and . and weighs only 1lb (450g). It is available in two sizes. I like These Bedvcaty Blankets because they come in stunning, artistic prints that would make beautiful gifts. These are also good quality but a lot cheaper than others on the market.

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