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Outdoor Gear Reviews


At Mountain IQ we are passionate about outdoor adventure. Our exploits in the mountains and backcountry allow us to try and test the latest outdoor gear.

On this page you will find links to all our gear reviews.

Use the quicklinks below to dive into our detailed reviews and uncover the best performing outdoor gear by category.

Camping Gear

Camping Tents

Best Camping Tent - Mount IQ Reviews

Our comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know before purchasing a tent - whether you are looking for the best tent for camping, the best for backpacking, or best budget tent.

Rooftop Tents


There are a variety of rooftop tents to suit your camping needs. Each rooftop tent on this list has a feature which makes them standout. 

Whether it be the amazingly spacious iKamper Skycamp or the super light Front Runner Feather Lite Rooftop Tent, you are sure to find the perfect tent.

Ultralight Tents

best ultralight tents

Looking for a super light tent for your next backpacking trip? 

Check out our review of the ultimate lightweight tents in this detailed review.

Family Tents


See out list of the top 6 large tents suitable for camping with your family and friends, so you can choose which one works best for you.

Sleeping Pads


Any real backpacker will know that when it comes to sleeping out under the stars, the warmth and comfort of a good quality sleeping pad is a must.

See our picks for the best backpacking sleeping pads.

Sleeping Bags


Find the right sleeping bag for your next adventure.

Whether you are looking for the best overall sleeping bag, the best ultralight sleeping bag, or a great budget sleeping bag, we have you taken care of.


Best Backpacking Quilt

The value in a quilt lies in the combination of the practicality of a sleeping bag together with higher levels of insulation, warmth and use versatility not typically provided by a sleeping bag.

See our list of the top 5 backpacking quilts, so you can choose which one is best for you.

Sleeping Bag Liners


Liners function similarly to bed sheets and can also be used to keep your sleeping bag cleaner for longer as well as extend the life of your sleeping bag, because it won’t have to be cleaned as often.

You can also use your liner as a protective sheet if staying in a hostel where you don’t necessarily want to sleep directly on the bed.

Air Mattresses


From compact, lightweight or value air mattresses for more rustic camping adventures to big, comfy ones for a more luxurious one, choose the right one for you.



Camping hammocks can offer a whole variety of useful  features, such as mesh, to prevent any bugs or annoying mosquitoes from getting in, as well as tarps to protect you from rain. We've put together a list of the best camping hammocks so that you can find one that works for you.

Latest Hammock Reviews

Portable Hammock Stands


In recent years, hammock camping has grown in popularity. But there is one downside - you need trees to set up your hammock. This is problematic as there may not be strong enough trees available to set up your hammock​.

That’s where portable hammock stands come into play.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best portable hammock stands, to take on your camping trips.

Camping Stoves

Best Backpacking Stove

Portable stoves can use different types of fuel and have different designs to make them easy to use in certain conditions. Check out our list of the best backpacking stoves to find the perfect one to take camping with you.

Latest Camping Stove Reviews

Camping Coolers


Looking for the perfect cooler to take with you on your next camping trip?

Here are our picks for the best camping cooler.

Camping Chairs


While you are hiking, camping or backpacking, you are usually on your feet non-stop. It is comforting to know that the portable chair you have brought with you safely provides some much needed relief. 

Here's the list of the top 5 camping chairs, so you can choose which chair is best for you.

Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Station

Looking for the best portable power station to take along on your next adventure? Portable power stations are a useful piece of equipment that you can use while camping or hiking to power up your devices.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayak

Photo by NW Boating

One of the huge benefits of getting an inflatable kayak is that they tend to be lighter and more portable than regular kayaks. Weight is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a kayak.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the best inflatable kayaks out there.


Base Layers


Base layer not only draws moisture away from the body while trekking, but also ensures good regulation of your body temperature.

Our reviews highlight the picks for the best overall, a great budget-friendly options, the most technical option and base layers for cold and warm climates.



Check out our comprehensive guide on the hiking shirts for men and women to ensure you make the right decision based on your kind of adventure, climate, level of skills and budget.

Down Jackets


Looking for your next down jacket?

Use this detailed guide to find the best overall, best value, best lightweight down jacket and more.

Latest Hiking Down Jacket Reviews

Rain Jackets


Whether you are looking for the best rain jacket, a lightweight one, or the best value this guide will help you make the right choice.

Latest Hiking Rain Jacket Reviews

Fleece Jackets


A fleece jacket is the perfect addition to any hiking outfit. In colder weather it’s a great mid-layer piece, while at hotter temperatures, it can be used instead of wearing an additional outer layer.

To help you choose the best fleece jacket for your next hike, we have assembled the following list of the best fleece jackets for hiking.



This review discusses the best hiking pants currently on the market. 

The right hiking pants are your legs’ first line of defence against the elements. 

Whether you opt for something convertible or not, certain factors should not be omitted. Choosing which pants to set off in should definitely be a mindful decision, and we’ve got some pointers for you to help with that.


Best Hiking Shorts

This review discusses the best hiking shorts currently on the market. 

When the temperatures start to rise, it’s time to set your knees free.

On trails that don’t require scrambling up and over rocks or making your way through dense foliage, a solid pair of hiking shorts will serve you well.

Below is a list of the top 5 shorts, so you can choose which pair is right for you.

Hiking Gloves


Hiking gloves are an essential piece of gear if you trek in adverse weather conditions or go on strenuous hikes requiring trekking poles. Versatile, light and warm gloves are always a good option.

Depending on your requirements, however, have a look at our best hiking gloves’ reviews and a buyer’s guide which should help you pick the right pair.



Here you will find the best overall hat, one with a number of interesting features, one that gives you the best sun protection, and the option that spares your pocket without compromising on UV protection.


Hiking Boots


Whether you are looking for the Best Overall Hiking Boot, the Best Lightweight Boot or the boot offering the Best Value for Money, we have you covered.

Here is our review of the best hiking boots.

Trail Running Shoes


Trail running shoes differ from regular running shoes, as they weigh more and provide better support and protection for your feet on rough terrain.

Have a look at our reviews and use the buyer’s guide at the end to help you learn what to look for before getting the pair that's right for your needs.

Hiking Socks

best hiking socks

With durability, comfort, breathability and versatility of the best hiking socks we could find available today, you can say goodbye to sweat and blisters, and hello to great memories.

Here is our review of the best hiking socks.

Mountaineering Boots


It is just as easy to choose boots that will put you at a disadvantage on the mountain as it is to choose a pair that will benefit your choice of activity.

Use this guide to find the best mountaineering boots for you, or at least use the buyer’s guide to know what to look for.



Snowshoes are designed to avoid sinking into snow while hiking. 

To help you choose, we’ve created the ultimate buyer’s guide to snowshoes, complete with all of the need-to-know information and reviews of the top models.

Approach Shoes


Approach shoes integrate rock climbing shoe features with hiking boots, making them suitable for hiking, scrambling, and even light climbing adventures.

But with so many options, how do you choose the pair that’s right for you? See our top 5!



Crampons attach to footwear to provide traction and improve trekker’s mobility during ice climbing, ensuring secure travel on both snow and ice.

They are necessary if you are looking to cross over ice-covered rocks, snowfields, glaciers, snow slopes and/or icefields. See our top picks.

Hiking Sandals


If you’re adventuring somewhere hot, or you’re likely to get wet with activities like stream crossings or kayaking, you may just want to consider trading in your boots for a lightweight pair of hiking sandals

Quick drying and providing good ventilation, your feet can still work hard but remain comfortable and cool while doing so.

Waterproof Socks


Waterproof socks are a handy piece of clothing for an adventurer expecting to get their feet wet. Useful in many trips, the socks are a great item to pack.

Check out our reviews of the best waterproof socks for the cold or wet weather outdoor adventures. 

Hiking Gaiters


Don't get caught out in cold, snowy and wet conditions without gaiters. It's a sure way to get blisters, sore feet and if in cold conditions, even frost-bite!

Here's our selection of the top hiking gaiters all all types of conditions and seasons.




Find the right hiking daypack for your next adventure. Check out our detailed in-depth daypack reviews or cut to the chase and see our best hiking daypack wrap-up!

Latest Hiking Daypack Reviews

Duffel Bags


Looking for your next duffel bag? Use this detailed guide to find the best overall duffel bag, the best value duffel bag, the best wheeled duffel bag, and the best designed duffel bag on the market.

Latest Travel Duffel Reviews

Camping Backpacks


Looking for the best camping backpacks on the market? Look no further! 

Our team have put over 35 different camping  backpack brands and models to the test. Here is our selection of the best backpacks by budget, size, durability, function and more... 

Dry Bags

Best Dry Bag

Find the right dry bag for your adventure. 

Whether you are looking for the best dry bag or a lightweight dry bag this guide will help you make the right choice.

Solar Packs

best solar backpack

If staying connected whilst on the go is critical, then you need to invest in a quality solar backpack. 

In our review we reveal the best solar packs for hiking  and everyday use.

Hiking Tech & Accessories



Nowadays there are literally hundreds of headlamps on the market. To help you identify the right one for your needs check out our best headlamps for hiking wrap-up or our in-depth reviews.

Latest Hiking Headlamp Reviews

Hydration Bladders

Best Hydration Bladders

Looking for the best hydration bladder to keep the thirst at bay on your next outdoor adventure? This guide will help you to understand the main things that you need to look out for when choosing a hydration bladder system.

Latest Hydration Bladder Reviews

Water Filters


Drinking untreated water is extremely dangerous. There are a number of methods to treat contaminated water. We’ve made a list of our top choices in each of the categories.

Make sure you test your filter before you leave.

Here is our list of the top 5 water filters, so you can choose which one is best for you.

Hiking Sunglasses


Durability, polarization, UV rating, frame design, material... all have been considered in our hiking sunglasses comparison review.

Latest Hiking GPS Reviews

Hiking Baby Carriers

Child Carrier for Hiking

Looking for the best baby carrier to bring your little one along with you on your next adventure?

Check out our top picks for the best baby carriers for hiking.

Hiking Watches


When choosing a hiking watch consider barometer, compass, altimeter and GPS.

We've compiled a list of the best hiking watches to help narrow down your search.

Latest Hiking GPS Reviews

Hiking GPS


A GPS device can help you navigate your way around rugged, outdoor land, where there's not even a hint of cellphone service. Whether you're trekking through misty mountains or exploring exotic rain forests, you will always be able to find your way.

Latest Hiking GPS Reviews

Hiking Cameras


When purchasing a hiking camera, there are a number of key things to consider - weight and bulk, durability for rugged outdoor use, fit for purpose / skill level, and of course price!

Check out our top picks for hiking cameras.

Two-Way Radios

Best Two Way Radios

If you're looking for a two way radio to help you keep in contact with your group if you want to charge ahead or split up at any point, have a look through our best two way radios guide to help narrow down your options.

Latest 2-Way Radio Reviews

Folding Knives


If you are looking for the best folding knife for your next adventure, look no further.

Here are our picks for the on folding knives.

Climbing Essentials

Climbing Shoes


Here is the ultimate buyer’s guide to climbing shoes, complete with reviews of the best climbing shoes available. 

We wrap up with a discussion of the most important information you need to know before you start shopping around for your next climbing shoes.


Best Climbing Harness

Are you looking to replace your old climbing harness, upgrade to a newer version or you simply want to enter the wonderful world of climbing?

Check out our comprehensive guide on the best climbing harnesses to ensure you make the right decision based on your discipline, level of skills and budget.

Climbing Helmets


A climbing helmet is the first thing to invest in, and hope our list of the best climbing helmets available today will help you get the right one for you.

Ice Axes


Ice axe is used to carry out actions under conditions where long, sliding falls are possible.

It is often hard to know what ice axe to pick for your personalised needs; so we have constructed a list of our favourites.

Check out our top-rated axes below and the buyers guide beneath to guide you through purchasing your first, or next, ice axe.

Climbing Rope Bags


Rope bags make carrying climbing equipment  easier, while increasing your climbing ropes' longevity by keeping them clean.

With so many rope bag options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one. Use this guide to find out which bag is right for you.

Belay/Rappel Devices


Rappelling is a popular practice among solo climbers.

Belay and rappel devices are terms that are often used interchangeably, and many (though not all) belay devices double as rappel devices.

Use our guide to compare our favourite Belay devices as well as walk you through buying your first or next device.



A few sets of quickdraws is the next necessary purchase a climber should make after gearing up with shoes, a harness, helmet, locking carabiners and belay device.

A quickdraw is made up of two carabiners that are connected by a length of webbing. This allows climbing rope to run freely through gear while leading.

There’s a fair bit you should consider before purchasing your first, or next, set of quickdraws. Use our top picks and buyer’s guide to help you through it.

Chalk & Chalk Bags


Chalk absorbs the moisture from your hands so that you can get a firm grip on even the smallest handholds, providing the confidence needed to climb your best.

Check out our list of favourite tried-and-true chalks and chalk bags to find one that fits your preference as well as our buyer’s guide to make sure that you purchase the best chalk for your needs.