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Outdoor Gear Reviews


Trekking Poles

Trekking poles can reduce the impact of hiking on your knees by up to 20%. Check out our in-depth trekking pole reviews or see our picks for the best trekking poles.



Find the right hiking daypack for your next adventure. Check out our detailed in-depth daypack reviews or cut to the chase and see our best hiking daypack wrap-up!


Sleeping Pads

Any real backpacker will know that when it comes to sleeping out under the stars, the warmth and comfort of a good quality sleeping pad is a must. See our picks for the best backpacking sleeping pads.


Hiking Headlamps

Nowadays there are literally hundreds of headlamps on the market. To help you identify the right one for your needs check out our best headlamps for hiking wrap-up or our in-depth reviews.


Hiking Boots

Whether you are looking for the Best Overall Hiking Boot, the Best Lightweight Boot or the boot offering the Best Value for Money, we have you covered. Here is our review of the best hiking boots.


Duffel Bags

Looking for your next duffel bag? Use this detailed guide to find the best overall duffel bag, the best value duffel bag, the best wheeled duffel bag, and the best designed duffel bag on the market.


Sleeping Bags

Find the right sleeping bag for your next adventure. Whether you are looking for the best overall sleeping bag, the best ultralight sleeping bag, or a great budget sleeping bag, we have you taken care of.

Best Camping Tent - Mount IQ Reviews

Camping Tents

Our comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know before purchasing a tent - whether you are looking for the best tent for camping, the best for backpacking, or best budget tent.

Best Hydration Bladders

Hydration Bladders

Looking for the best hydration bladder to keep the thirst at bay on your next outdoor adventure? This guide will help you to understand the main things that you need to look out for when choosing a hydration bladder system.

Best Dry Bag

Dry Bags

Find the right dry bag for your adventure. Whether you are looking for the best dry bag or a lightweight dry bag this guide will help you make the right choice.


Down Jackets

Looking for your next down jacket? Use this detailed guide to find the best overall, best value, best lightweight down jacket and more.


Rain Jackets

Whether you are looking for the best rain jacket, a lightweight one, or the best value this guide will help you make the right choice.


Air Mattresses

From compact, lightweight or value air mattresses for more rustic camping adventures to big, comfy ones for a more luxurious one, choose the right one for you.



Durability, polarization, UV rating, frame design, material... all have been considered in our hiking sunglasses comparison review.



When choosing a hiking watch consider barometer, compass, altimeter and GPS. We've compiled a list of the best hiking watches to help narrow down your search.

Best Two Way Radios

Two-Way Radios

If you're looking for a two way radio to help you keep in contact with your group if you want to charge ahead or split up at any point, have a look through our best two way radios guide to help narrow down your options.


Hiking GPS

A GPS device can help you navigate your way around rugged, outdoor land, where there's not even a hint of cellphone service. See our top 5 best hiking GPS devices to make your choice a bit easier.



Portable stoves can use different types of fuel and have different designs to make them easy to use in certain conditions. Check out our list of the best backpacking stoves to find the perfect one to take camping with you.



Camping hammocks can offer a whole variety of useful  features, such as mesh, to prevent any bugs or annoying mosquitoes from getting in, as well as tarps to protect you from rain. We've put together a list of the best camping hammocks so that you can find one that works for you.


Waterproof Socks

Waterproof socks are a handy piece of clothing for an adventurer expecting to get their feet wet. Useful in many trips, the socks are a great item to pack. Check out our reviews of the best waterproof socks for the cold or wet weather outdoor adventures.