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Updated: November 14, 2020
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This page covers all our tent reviews, including our annual round ups on the best different tent categories


Best Tents (Overall)

best ultralight tents

If you're in a hurry and looking for a round up of the best tents across all categories of size, use and features, then this guide is for you.

Tent Reviews (By Capacity)

Looking for a specific capacity tent, then check out our reviews across 4, 6, 8, 10 and even 12 person tents!

Tent Reviews (By Type)

Tents come in all types of designs and uses. From truck and rooftop tents to instant pop-up tents, inflatable tents and cabin tents. Discover the perfect tent for your use-case below.

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Mark has trekked extensively in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. He founded Mountain IQ in 2014 with the sole aim to be the best online information portal to some of the most popular mountain destinations around the world. When not writing for Mountain IQ, Mark is out exploring the outdoors with his wife!

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