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Welcome to Mountain IQ, a site run by mountain enthusiasts for mountain enthusiasts. Our aim is to provide comprehensive online guides to the most popular mountain destinations around the world. We hope you enjoy browsing the site and find inspiration for your next mountain adventure.

Featured Mountain Guides

Mountain IQ is jam-packed with 100s of detailed guides to epic mountain destinations around the world. From the 7 Summits to the 8000ers, and everything between, we have you covered. To help you navigate to the right information for your next adventure, we have briefly set out some of our most popular guides by continent. 


mountain ranges in africa

The African continent is home to some of the oldest and most unique mountains in the World. Here are some popular ranges, mountains and hikes in Africa.

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mountain ranges in antarctica

People generally don't think of mountains when they think of Antarctica, but surprisingly the White Continent is dominated by many impressive peaks. Here are some popular ranges, mountains in Antarctica.


mountain ranges in asia

Without a doubt, Asia is the most impressive continent when it comes to mountains. Here are some popular ranges, mountains and hiking destinations in Asia.

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Australia & Oceania

mountain ranges in australia oceania

The Australian continent and wider Oceania region (including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands and Indonesia), have an impressive array of mountain ranges and iconic peaks. Here are some popular ranges and mountains in Australasia.

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From the awesome mountain ranges of the Alps, Pyrenees, and Dolomites to the incredible trails in the Scottish Highlands, Scandinavia and across the Mediterranean, you can be sure that Europe offers some of the most inspiring mountain scenery. Here are some popular ranges, mountains and hiking destinations in Europe.

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North America

mountain ranges in north america

The vast North American continent has its most impressive mountains on its tectonically active Western side. Here are some popular ranges, mountains and hiking destinations in North America.

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South America

mountain ranges in south america

The South American continent is dominated by a single range, the Andes, which runs the full length of the continent and is the longest continental range in the World. Here are some popular ranges, mountains and hiking destinations in South America.

Popular Mountains
Popular Destinations

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Hiking Resources

Are you planning to venture out into the mountains? To make sure you are fully prepared for what nature can throw at you, the team at Mountain IQ have put together a number of helpful resources.

Hiking Gear Lists

Adventure Travel Insurance


The risks of travelling to remote mountain destinations for a hiking or climbing expedition is manifold. 

Most standard travel insurance doesn't cut it at altitude or when undertaking adventurous activity.

Find out how to get covered in our trekking insurance guide.

Altitude Sickness


Altitude Sickness is a serious condition brought on by going to high altitude too rapidly. 

If you are planning an adventure into the mountains and are going above 3,000m I highly recommend reading our altitude sickness guide.

Outdoor Gear Reviews

outdoor gear mountain iq

The world of outdoor gear is awash with many fantastic brands and equipment offerings. Sadly, there are also a number of uninspiring and lacklustre gear companies.

To help our readers separate the wheat from the chaff, the team at Mountain IQ constantly review new offerings from outdoor gear companies.

Discover the best in class products for your next adventure.  

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