BLUETTI EB70S Review: User-Friendly With More Wattage Than You’d Expect

Updated: November 29, 2023
bluetti eb70s review

The BLUETTI EB70S is one of the newer additions to the brand's range of portable power stations. With a 716Wh battery capacity, it's a nice mid-level entry for those who need an alternative power source for electrical devices and appliances. 

Portable power stations have seen a surge in popularity over recent years. This is partly because we have become more reliant on our devices and also as remote work becomes the 'new normal'. 

Personally I'm a big believer of disconnecting from technology. However, if you can take your coffee machine camping, why not? For these (and so many more) reasons, a back-up power supply like the EB70S is a good investment.

As a South African, grid supplied electricity is unreliable (to say the least!). BLUETTI has slowly been extending its product reach and was kind enough to send over an EB70S for me to test out. Here's my honest review on what's good and what could be better with this mini-power station.

BLUETTI EB70S review

The device arrived neatly packed with protective packaging

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bluetti eb70s review

Great Deals

Check BLUETTI's site for deals on the EB70s

BLUETTI Portable Power Station EB70S

Manufacturer: BLUETTI


  • Packs a punch in terms of wattage. The power supply has a normal output of 800W which supports most camp appliances and electronic gadgets.
  • AC power points. These 2 X120V sockets (4X 110V in the USA model)  are great to plug in appliances or extension cables, without having to use an adapter.
  • Includes All Charging Cables. The EB70 Comes with adapters and cables to recharge by socket, car (cigarette lighter) and solar panels
  • ECO Mode. The EB70s has a power saving mode to prevent unnecessary battery loss when not in use.
  • LiFePO4 Battery. Service life of up to 2,500 charge cycles to 80%


  • Not Lightweight . Weighing just under 10kg, this is not exactly easy to haul around the campsite
  • LCD Display could be improved The battery is displayed in 20% bars. This could bother you if you like to know the exact percentage.  The display also only lasts 30 seconds

Should You Buy The BLUETTI Portable Power Station?

Overall, I found the EB70S to be a great product that is going to be well loved by those (like myself) that live with regular electrical outages. It's also going to see a lot of use on road trips where I need a power source to re-charge my laptop, camera and router for work.

bluetti eb70s

A neat device to take with on trips and charge on the road

For campers and campervan owners, the BLUETTI EB70S is worth its price-tag. It can power a CPAP machine through the night. You can also plug in a small fridge, fan or heaters and they will run for a good few hours.

So What Does It Cost?

When looking at cost, the BLUETTI EB70S sells for $599 on BLUETTI's website (currently, this is on sale for $519).

At  first, this may seem like a steep price, however, when you consider the products capacity, life span and multi-purpose use, it can be seen as a good investment. It is also a lot more affordable than most generators which are bulkier and will continue to cost you in fuel.

When deciding whether the EB70S is worth buying, you need to factor in the Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. This can last up to 4X longer than the standard, lithium ion batteries used in competitor's devices within this price range.

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BLUETTI EB70S Features 

Solid Yet Sleek Design

As I mentioned before, this is a hefty device weighing in at 9.7kg. Although you wouldn't want to be moving it around to often, its the perfect size and shape to fit under a desk (or anywhere else you have a 32 x 21.7 x 22.2 cm  space). The box shape and fold-down handle mean it is an easy fit in your office, tent or vehicle

I like that all the ports, lights and display screen are on the same side of the power station. You can push it up against a wall without worrying that you will need to move it later for access to plugs. 

LED Display

The LED screen is relatively large and easy to read at a glance. The battery charge is displayed in 5 bars (20% measurements) .Although I've seen some complaints that this is not displayed as an exact percentage, I actually prefer the simpler design. When your battery drops to the final bar, you know it's time to charge!

The screen also shows input and output. You can monitor its re-charge rate and how much power your devices/ appliances are drawing at any given time. There are small green lights on each section (AC, DC and flashlight) which help you see what parts of the EB70S are active. You can switch these sections on and off as you need them.

Note: If you want to use the wireless phone charger, remember to turn on the DC output.

716Wh Battery Capacity

This device has a pretty impressive 716Wh battery. It uses a Pure Sine Wave inverter, for a clean power supply, with a 800W total capacity output.

So what devices can the EB70s power?


You can easily charge multiple small devices at the same time

In simple terms, this means you can power a small fan for almost 24hrs, a slow-cooker for about 3hrs or run a mini fridge for 10-12hrs (or longer depending on its wattage).

That's not to mention the dozens of times you can recharge your cellphone, tablet or camera. This little powerhouse will keep a wifi router running for almost 3 full days. I've tested it running my small (33W) notebook computer for 9hrs while charging other small gadgets and it used just over 40% battery. 

Longer battery life & ECO mode

According to BLUETTI's website, the  LiFePO4 battery is has +2,400 cycles of battery life before it gives in. Obviously I haven't had the power station long enough to confirm this, but I look forward to testing its longevity.

The LiFePO4 battery has built in protection against overheating, overloads and short circuit. The device has an ECO mode that kicks in when sections are left on for more than 4 hours with nothing plugged in. 

bluetti eb70s review

Great Deals

BLUETTI often run deals for the EB70S

AC and DC Outlets

The BLUETTI EB70S has multiple different outlet points which support pretty much any type of electronic device or appliance. The AC and DC outlets are on different sections of the front 'panel' which can be  turned on independently with small buttons. 

You can use the AC and DC sections at the same time and charge/ run multiple appliances. Just make sure that the required output does not exceed the machines total capacity (800W). The fan kicks in when the device is being pushed to its limits.


I'm particularly excited that the EB70S runs my low-watt coffee maker

The EB70 portable power station has the following outlet points:

  • 2 X USB C points
  • 2 X USB A points (Standard USB)
  • 1 X Cigarette lighter port
  • 2 x DC5521 Ports 
  •  AC output ports: Mine has 2X three-prong-plug  points suitable for south Africa. The USA product has 4X110V standard American outlets
  • 15W Wireless charging pad on top

3 Options For Re-charging The Power Station

A big selling point of the EB70S is that it has three different power input options. You can recharge it from a normal wall socket in your home (AC), from the cigarette lighter in your vehicle or even attach it to solar panels.

Wall socket and car charging

The unit comes with an AC adapter that has an inbuilt cooling fan. It takes 4-5 hours to fully recharge from a normal wall socket but closer to 6-7hrs from the cigarette lighter of a car (around 4hrs from 50%). This isn't a problem if you have a long trip ahead and can charge the device on the road.

It's worth mentioning that all the charging cables are included. Some of BLUETTI's other models were released without the car charger which received a lot of negative feedback. This did not go unnoticed, BLUETTI responded by including the car charging cable with the EB70S device.

bluetti eb70s

AC adapter (for wall sockets), solar panel charger and car charger included

Solar panels

As it takes some time (4-7hrs depending on sunshine intensity) the solar option works better as top-up charge than the main recharge source. Solar panels would also work well to compliment the power supply well the power station is running. BLUETTI sells solar panels custom made for these devices but you can attach any panels that have a max 200W (8A current) input. 

The solar charge cable comes with the EB70S, regardless of whether you have  purchased BLUETTI panels or not. 

bluetti eb70s review

Great Deals

BLUETTI often run deals for the EB70s

Built In LED Lamp

A pretty standard feature on these portable power supplies is the built in flashlight. I generally prefer a wider 'floodlight' for camping but this circular light is nice and bright without being too blinding. I can read with it during power outages (AKA 'loadshedding' in South Africa). It also has a flashing setting in the unlikely event you need to use this during an emergency situation.

bluetti eb70s

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