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Welcome to Mountain IQ!

We started this website to celebrate the incredible trekking, climbing and outdoor mountain activities that are offered to adventurous souls the world over.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:

– Provide up to date, impartial and comprehensive trekking and climbing guides so that your experience in the mountains is as safe, fun and fulfilling as possible

– Promote responsible tourism to the amazing mountain destinations around the globe so that the cultural heritage and natural environment on which the local communities in these destinations depend is positively impacted by your visit

– Champion safe and responsible trekking and climbing experiences around the globe, with a particular emphasis on the health and welfare of the locals who work in the industry – sherpas, porters and guides

Our Team

Our site is maintained by a network of expert contributors, many of which guide or have guided treks and climbs around the world. Contributors to the site are volunteers, and are not paid. The current lead editor on the site is Mark Whitman.

If you are interested in contributing your knowledge and experience to the site please contact us.

Getting Started

There is a wealth of information on our site, so to help you find what you are looking for quickly have a look at our guides section, our gear page or our resources page.

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Mountain IQ Team


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