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Best Hikes In Patagonia

Often described as the End of the Earth, Patagonia hosts some of the most impressive and un-touched landscapes on our planet. Located at the southern most tip of South America, the Patagonia region stretches

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Top 50 Best Outdoor Adventure Blogs

On this page we have done our best to provide an impartial and comprehensive list of the Top 50 Best Outdoor Adventure Blogs on the web. To compile the ranking list we tracked hundreds of independent

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Bonita Norris discusses her 2016 K2 expereince

In June 2016, Bonita Norris attempted to become the first ever British woman to summit K2. No stranger to climbing, the 28 year old was the first British female to summit Mt. Lhotse and the youngest ever

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Japanese climber is back for his 6th solo attempt on Everest!

The Japanese climber, Nobukazu Kuriki, is once again attempting to climb Everest solo. This will be his sixth attempt. What’s more, he’s doing it with the use of only one finger!  Last year

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Everest Bans Indian Mountaneering Cheaters

An Indian police couple have been banned from attempting any mountaineering activities in Nepal for 10 years after it was discovered recently that they faked their Everest summit photos. The duo managed

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Kilian Jornet To Attempt Everest Record

Kilian Jornet, one of the world’s greatest alpine athletes, is about to attempt his most demanding challenge to date. Jornet has ascended Denali, Aconcagua, Mont Blanc and Cervino in record times,

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Body Found On K2 – Authorities Seeking Help To Identify

Just this week sad news has reached us that the remains of a climber has been found on K2. Researchers working on the mountain found the body last week but have so far been unsuccessful in identifying

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Top 6 Easy Treks in Patagonia

A land forgotten by time, Patagonia is a true wilderness and one of least touched landscapes on earth. Located along the southern tip of South America, Patagonia boasts a wide array of landscapes that

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k2 avalanche 2016

Huge Avalanche Brings K2 Climbing Season To An End

K2, the second tallest mountain on earth, will almost certainly see no more summit attempts this season as a huge avalanche brings the climbing season to an abrupt end. The avalanche, which hit the camp

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New Climbing Regulations for Mount Everest

Last week, the Nepalese government announced that it would be setting new regulations for climbing Mount Everest. These new regulations, which are by no means the first regulations to hit Everest in recent

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