Everest Base Camp Trek Cost: Financial Considerations

Updated: May 2, 2023

So you are planning to trek Everest Base Camp. Awesome!

One thing you must be wondering about is the typical Everest Base Camp trek cost. In this article we have set out a detailed overview to help you budget and plan for your trek.

You might also want to check out our detailed Everest Base Camp trek article which includes a day-to-day itinerary, route and altitude maps, best seasons to trek, FAQs and much more. We also provide a complete Everest Base Camp Packing list here.

How Much Does It Cost To Hike To Everest Base Camp

There are a number of Everest Base Camp trek costs that many people forget to budget for.

Below we have set out the seven main cost considerations:


To enter Nepal you will need to have a visa. You get a visa on arrival in Nepal. Currently costs are as follows: Multiple entry, 15 days = US$25, Multiple entry, 30 days = US$40, Multiple entry, 90 days = US$100. See the Nepal Department of Immigration for up to date information on visa.

Average cost = US$40


You will need to get certain key vaccinations for Nepal. These are our recommendations but please consult your local travel clinic or GP for advice. We are not medical experts and this information is merely our opinion and should not be relied on as medical advice. We recommend you get Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations. You may also want to consider a Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis jab, although we don’t believe these are necessary.

If you plan to travel to the Southern region of Terai during the monsoon season you may need to take Malaria pills and prophylactics for Cholera – please confirm with your doctor.

Note: do not drink the water in Nepal and make sure you treat all water collected in the mountain regions with iodine water purification tablets.

Average cost = US$200


We recommend getting travel insurance for all trekking and climbing expeditions to Nepal. Your insurance should cover basic travel risks (flight delay and cancellation, financial default of operator, lost / damaged baggage ect.) as well more complex insurance considerations such as emergency medical costs and evacuation.

As you will be trekking at high altitude (more than 4,000 meters) you will need to find a specific policy that covers this type of activity (see link below for recommendations).

If you plan to do any mountaineering (climbing with ropes, crampons, ice axes ect.) you will need additional mountaineering insurance which will likely double your premium. Read our detailed EBC hike travel insurance article.

Average cost for trekking insurance (not mountaineering) = US$200 (15 days cover)

Hiking Equipment

The cost of equipment for your Everest Base Camp trek is really dependent on what equipment you already have and how much you are willing to hire (this obviously comes at a cost as well, but typically cheaper than buying new). There are however a few pieces of equipment you should definitely consider bringing with you.

We have set out a full Everest Base Camp Packing List but in short the key items include: a warm (up to -10 degree C) sleeping bag, a warm and waterproof jacket, light-weight hiking boots, trekking poles, a duffle bag and daypack, trekking trousers and shirts, base and second layer clothes, warm gloves, trekking and thermal socks, high UV protection sunglasses, a sun protection hat and beanie.

Budget = US$500 – $1,000


The cost of your flight to Kathmandu is really dependent on when you book (high season between Feb-May and Sept-Nov tend to be more expensive) and where you are flying from. The more in advance you book the cheaper your flight will be.

Budget = US$1,000

Tour Operator vs. Independent Trek

We have written a detailed overview on the differences between a local and Western operated tour, as well as considerations for adventurous souls who are looking to do an independent trek on our EBC hike guide.

For the Everest Base Camp Trek cost set out here we assume that you are planning to join an organised tour with either a local agent or a Western operator. The costs for the former range from $700 at the cheapest end (beware as these tend to be poorly run, use old teahouses or tents and lack adequate leadership) to $2,000 at the top end, and for a Western operator from $1,500 to $3,000.

We recommend seeking personnel recommendations from other trekkers, or using our enquiry form below where we provide detailed recommendations based on your preferred dates and country of origin. Organised tours typically include permit costs, accommodation costs (including hotels before and after), guides and support crew, flights to and from Lukla and food during the trek.

Average cost for an organised tour = US$1,200

Average cost for an independent trek (you will need to organise your own permit – a Green TIMS card, teahouse accommodation, food, flights to and from Lukla, registered porter etc.) = US$800

Tips and Spending Money

Tour operators should be members of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) who regulate the health and welfare of guides and porters in Nepal. The NMA set a minimum wage for Nepal trekking and climbing staff and outline best practice guidelines for tour operators. They also set recommendations for tips, although these are voluntary.

You will find a lot of conflicting information on the internet with regards to tipping guides and porters on an Everest Base Camp Trek. We recommend the following based on a 12-14 day trek (please adjust for longer treks). Around $100 per person for a guide and $50 per person to be distributed to porters. This works out to be about 10% of your trekking cost. If you can afford to pay more and were impressed with your team then please do.

Finally you will also want to take some spending money for activities before and after your trek and spontaneous buys during your trek (note: food stuffs and supplies get more expensive the higher up the Khumba Valley you get).

Average budget for tips = US$150

Average budget for spare cash / spending money = US$100-$200

Total Everest Base Camp Cost

  • Budget = US2,500
  • Average = US3,000
  • Top end = US$4,000

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