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Trekking in Morocco Features Camel

Trekking in Morocco Guide – By Foot and By Camel

Begin your trekking adventure in Morocco and visit the popular Mount Toubkal in the High Atlas or other areas in the Middle and Anti-Atlas. Ride a camel through the Sahara, otherwise known as “The Great

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Atlas Mountains Uncovered – Hiking, Accomodation and Other Things To Do

The Atlas Mountains are home to the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal. When traveling through the mountains, you will see spectacular views of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Sahara

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Things To Do In Marrakesh After Hiking Mount Toubkal

Marrakesh is a wonderfully vibrant city in the Kingdom of Morocco. Located just north of the stunning Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is a popular base for adventure-seekers and general tourists alike. Whether

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Fergus White Everest Interview: Ascent Into Hell

In 2009, Irish National, Fergus White, travelled to the Himalayas to train as a mountaineer. The following year he returned to climb Everest. In this interview Fergus shares his story from Pumori to the

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The Hardest Choice: Turning Round on Everest

Singaporean mountaineer Jeremy Tong talks about turning round at 8600m on Everest, and why he will be returning next year. This year, Jeremy attempted to become the youngest Singaporean to summit Everest,

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Tips to Stay Comfortable on Long Hikes

If you’ve been exploring the great outdoors for years, chances are you’ve come by a few tried and true tips for your own personal comfort whether you are only spend a few hours hiking, or a few days.

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Alex Txikon Winter Everest Attempt

Spanish mountaineer Alex Txikon has returned from Nepal after an unsuccessful attempt to become the first person to summit Everest in winter without supplemental oxygen. Everest has not been climbed at

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Top Tips On How To Keep Safe When Trekking In Asia

Asia is fast becoming one of the greatest trekking destinations on earth. The towering peaks of Nepal provide treks such as the Everest Base Camp Trek and the Annapurna Circuit, whilst the magical landscapes

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Best Hikes In Patagonia

Often described as the End of the Earth, Patagonia hosts some of the most impressive and un-touched landscapes on our planet. Located at the southern most tip of South America, the Patagonia region stretches

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The Ultimate List Of Best Treks In India

India is renowned for its diversity and distinct culture. 1.2 billion people live in the South Asian country and it is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. There is something about India that

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