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Best Female Mountain Climbers Trekkers

30 Best Female Mountain Climbers & Trekkers Of All Time

Let’s encourage celebration of women and not competition between them especially in the area of adventure where limitations have no place - hiking, climbing and mountaineering!Here are our picks of the

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George Mallory

George Mallory Everest Images – Newly-Discovered Photos From Reconnaissance Expedition

Newly-discovered images of World War I veteran’s, George Mallory’s, 1921 expedition reveal the beautiful details of his first attempt to climb Everest in Nepal. The newly restored and digitized

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norway fjord

Hiking In Norway – Your Guide To The Best Trails (With Videos)

With numerous fjords, mountains and scenic trails to explore, Norway offers a spectacular hiking experience in Europe. The Norwegian landscape is diverse and beautiful and encompasses everything from desolate

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mont blanc france

Hiking In France – An Overview Of Best Trails

One of the best ways to learn about any country is to hike in it. Offering both long-distance and short hikes, France offers a large variety of trail choices to fulfil your outdoor adventure needs. From

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hiking in ireland Gap of Dunloe

Hiking In Ireland – Your Guide To The Best Trails (With Videos)

Ireland is known for its varied landscapes and stunning natural beauty, which draws hikers from all over the world. It is important to note that Ireland is divided into Northern Ireland and the Republic

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Hiking In Spain – 5 Epic Trails (With Videos)

Spain provides some of the best hiking trails in the world with its varied landscapes, mountain ranges and well-maintained trails. Whether you are a highly skilled hiker or just looking for a new experience,

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Chicago Hiking

Hiking Near Chicago – 5 Best Trails (With Videos)

When you think of Chicago, you don’t necessarily think of great hiking spots, but if you’re willing to travel outside the bounds of the city some spectacular US hiking opportunities await you. Experience

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indian mountains

Best Day Hikes In India – 5 Fort Treks Overview

It’s no secret that India is a spectacular spot for hiking a and trekking. But you may not always be willing to commit to a multi-day trek, so here is a guide to the best day hikes in India. Fort Hikes

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trekking in bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Hike – Bhutan’s Jewel Trek

The Tiger’s Nest Hike is one of the most popular hiking trails in Bhutan, because it leads you to one of the most unusual and beautiful spots in the world – the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The

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Hiking In Italy – 8 Best Treks’ Overview (With Pro Tips)

From its beautiful coastlines to its majestic mountains, there are endless hiking opportunities in Italy. With its Mediterranean climate, Italy experiences hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters but the

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