iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Rooftop Tent Review

Updated: March 22, 2023

If you have a young family and want to camp in a rooftop tent, your options can be quite limited, as most rooftop tents can only accommodate two adults or maybe three at a stretch.

But iKamper burst onto the scene in 2017 with the fantastic Skycamp with the goal of filling this need. The company has since come out with the iKamper Skycamp v 2.0, which is an improved version of the original.

It has never been easier to take your kids camping in style. The tent is spacious and incredibly easy to set up, so no time will be wasted once you arrive at your camping spot.

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iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Rooftop Tent

Detailed Review

Manufacturer: iKamper


  • Relatively lightweight 
  • Folds into a thin roof pack
  • Spacious for 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children
  • Super quick and simple set up and stowage
  • Very durable
  • Premium feel


  • The initial mounting of the tent onto your vehicle can be tricky as there are many ways it can be done
  • Due to its size, the tent can be difficult to store when it’s not in use
  • More expensive than other rooftop tents


After the success of iKamper’s first version of the Skycamp Rooftop Tent, the company has come out with iKamper Skycamp v 2.0. It has all the favourite features of the original Skycamp with some improvements.

The iKamper Skycamp is the world’s largest expandable hard-shell rooftop tent and is a favourite in the market. The aerodynamic and lightweight design is an absolute winner. It can accommodate two adults and two children or three adults.

Its spacious design and incredibly easy installation are the standout features of the iKamper Skycamp. This fantastic rooftop tent can be mounted on a variety of different vehicles and roof racks, it also comes with a large selection of add-on accessories. 

The tent comes with a king size mattress which is made of 1.8” memory foam. The windows have three layers to them; clear vinyl, mesh screen to aid with ventilation and a polyester outer layer which can be extended to make canopy windows by using the poles provided. 

Another great feature is the Skyview window which lets you gaze up at the stars as you drift off to sleep. If star gazing isn’t your thing, this window has a canvas panel that ca be zipped closed.

The iKamper Skycamp roof top tent is made of poly-cotton canvas which is water resistant, breathable, UV resistant, fire retardant and long lasting. The tent also comes with a 150D waterproof rainfly. 

One of the best features of this rooftop tent is its incredible installation time; the tent can be set-up and stowed in a minute or less. The tent weighs 155lbs, which is incredible for the size of it, and it has a 900lb weight limit (the weight limit will be dependent on your vehicle’s roof racks).

Although a fantastic rooftop tent, it does not come without its flaws. There are many ways to mount the tent onto your car, but each way can be quite tricky.

The size of the tent is also an issue when it comes to storage when its not in use. Finally the tent is expensive compared to other tents on the market. If you are planning to purchase the tent, be sure its going to be something you are going to use often and enjoy, otherwise it could be better to purchase a cheaper rooftop tent.

The iKamper Skycamp v 2.0 is a little pricey at $3900, but you can purchase the first version of the tent for $300 less. You can also purchase the iKamper Skycamp v 3.0, the latest version of this exceptional rooftop tent.  

Key Takeaway

Although the iKamper Skycamp v 2.0 is more expensive compared to other rooftop tents, it is completely worth it. From its lightweight aerodynamic design to its incredibly easy set-up time, the Skycamp takes the hassle out of rooftop camping. This stylish tent is comfortable, durable and spacious. The ideal family rooftop tent.

Key Features 


The iKamper Skycamp is made of durable Super Density 300gsm poly-cotton canvas. It is water resistant, fire retardant, long lasting and breathable. 

The material insulates incredibly well, so you won’t get hot in summer and you won’t get cold in winter. The canvas is thick which increases insulation as well as prevents the material from flapping in windy condition, meaning you’ll get a better night’s sleep. The canvas tested to withstand winds up to 40mph.

There are two options for the hard-shell. You can get the standard fiber glass cover which comes in both white and black or you could get the Line-x coated fiber glass, which comes in black. 

The floor is made of insulating honeycomb aluminium panels and the interior design is of the world map. The tent also includes a 150D waterproof rainfly.

Ease of Use

A standout feature of this rooftop tent is its fast installation time. The hard-shell tent pops up in 60 seconds and stows just as quickly. To set up simply unlock the two hard-shell latches and open the hard shell to pop the tent up. Once the hard-shell pops up, simply take the ladder out and secure it to the floor panel. The ladder has flat steps, making it safer and easier to use.


iKamper has managed to develop a four man roof top tent without adding too much extra weight. The tent weighs 155lbs, yes, this may be a bit heavier than other roof top tents on the market, but the iKamper Skycamp is incredibly spacious. A little extra weight is certainly a small price to pay for a tent that is jam-packed with so many features.

Walls and Windows

As mentioned, the Skyview window is excellent for stargazing and can be zipped up if need be. The front portal also has zip-around canvas blackouts which is perfect if you want to sleep in. The tent’s two-layer design adds strength, insulation and an essential condensation drip-blocker so you’re guaranteed to stay comfortable. 

The tent ‘skin’ is completely detachable, which allows you to switch to a lighter mesh tent in summer or replace the tent after a few years without having to purchase a whole new Skycamp (a massive pro considering the price of the tent). The tent platform is made from lightweight aluminium.

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