MSR DromLite Bag Review

Updated: April 3, 2023
MSR DromLite Bag

We named the MSR DromLite Bag the Most Durable Hydration Bladder due to its hardy and versatile nature.

Categorised as a water storage reservoir rather an activity bladder, the MSR DromLite is the ideal addition to any campsite as its high quality nylon material exterior can withstand all sorts of outdoor uses and temperatures. 

That being said, if you get the material wet whilst refilling it can make everything else that it comes into contact with in your backpack wet too.

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MSR DromLite Bag

Manufacturer: MSR Gear


  • Amazing practicality and versatility due to its durability
  • Handy accessories that enhance the camping experience
  • Easy to store away when not in use


  • Hose on the separately sold hydration kit that turns it into a hydration bladder is not quick release or compatible with other bladders
  • Wider profile that is not compatible with all backpacks
  • Wet exterior of the MSR DromLite Bag means a wet interior of your backpack


Not to rule it out for outdoor activities, but we did find that the MSR DromLite Bag is better described as a water storage reservoir.

Its unique 3 in 1 top that changes the way that water flows out of the bladder depending on which setting you choose is perfect for outdoor use.

The unusually large range of optional accessories such as a spigot cap, a shower kit or mouth piece that can be purchased for this bladder, make it versatile and handy to have around camp.

Its durable fabric outer sets it miles ahead of the other bladders we reviewed in terms of its longevity and hardiness.

Versatility can also be added to the list of desirable traits as it can function as a pillow, it can be folded up when it is not being used, and you can put hot water into it to turn it into a hot water bottle.

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Key Features

Size and Profile

Due to its popularity as a water storage reservoir it is understandable that the MSR DromLite Bags are sold in slightly larger storage capacities namely a 2L, 4L and 6L.

Unlike most hydration bladders which feature a tall and slim profile, the MSR DromLite sports a wider than usual profile which unfortunately means that it does not fit into all backpacks.  However, considering the nature of its use this is not the end of the world. As a storage reservoir it is more likely to be lying around camp somewhere than be out hiking with you in your backpack.

Hydration Pack Opening Type

Like the CamelBak Crux Reservoir, the MSR DromLite Bag also features a large screw top opening with a plastic handle that makes it easy to hold under a tap or basin when refilling.

The screw top and handle also mean that it can be filled all the way to the brink from either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Refilling only really becomes a bit tricky in shallow water where you need to lay the bladder flat and let the water flow over and into it.

Bite Valve Size 

The MSR DromLite bag sports a fairly simple bite valve and hose kit when compared to the other bladders, but this is because activity is a secondary use to storage. The valve is medium size and has a switch lock mechanism.

More important to note for the MSR DromLite Bag though is the unique 3-in-1 cap that acts as a water flow regulator of sorts. Firstly, the cap comes off to reveal a large, wide mouth opening that makes the reservoir easy to fill, empty, and dry out.

Then there is a small, flip open trickle spout which releases a small amount of water and can be used for rinsing dishes or washing hands. Lastly, unscrewing the trickle spout gives access to a medium sized opening that is suitable for drinking directly out of the bag of.

Ease of Cleaning

The MSR DromLite Bag is the hardest to care for due to its small opening and we recommend using a brush and a cleaning tablet to ensure that all bacteria is removed from the bladder.

Try the Hydrapak Bottle Bright tablet, which is biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-chlorinated. 

Component Compatibility and Interchangeability 

Unfortunately the hose on the hydration kit is not quick release or compatible with any other bladders tested but the 3in1 mouth piece acts as a handy flow regulating accessory. That being said, the bite valve is compatible though MSR DromLite Bag users did not often use a mouth piece in the first place.

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