Ombraz Review – Are These Armless Sunglasses Any Good?

Updated: April 9, 2023
ombraz review

Ombraz Armless Sunglasses are based on a simple concept; take away the arms and there are fewer problems.

Innovative design and high quality make these sunglasses ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Like many of us have done, the founder of Ombraz got tired of flimsy sunglass arms breaking. A make-shift repair job with some chord turned into a business idea.

Ombraz recently sent me a pair of their Classic and Dolomite versions to test out. Here’s a breakdown of what I like  and don't like about the Ombraz armless sunglasses.

ombraz review

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Ombraz Armless Sunglasses

Manufacturer: Ombraz


  • Very comfortable. The chord is soft and doesn’t need to be too tight around your head. You can easily forget that you have these sunglasses on
  • Do not fall off. These glasses stay in place no matter how much you jump or shake around
  • Fit with all types of headgear. There are no awkward arms under beanies, hoods, and helmets.
  • Strong, lightweight frame and durable lenses. German engineered and scratch resistant.
  • Outstanding customer service and lifetime warranty on frames and chords.


  • Tricky to remove. Taking them off or putting them on needs two hands for adjusting the chord. You first need to remove whatever headgear you have on.
  • The chord is a bit too short. This means they hang just under your chin.
  • The chord gets sweaty. Not a major problem but you sometimes need to rinse chord and hang the glasses up when you get home.

Should You Buy Ombraz Armless Sunglasses?

These glasses have won numerous awards from gear and outdoor magazines. So are they worth investing in?

My first concern when testing these glasses was that they would constantly slide off. Not so! The glasses are surprisingly comfortable. It takes a minute to get used to the chord. Once you do, you barely notice you are wearing them. The polarization is also top quality.

Without arms, they don't get in the way of a beanie or headgear. This makes them a great option to wear when cycling or running. Pilots will find that headsets fit more snugly than with normal glasses.

Various frames and color options mean there is a design for everyone. If you are worried about armless sunglasses looking strange, don't be. The chord has a very similar appearance to normal arms. These are stylish enough to wear on vacation or everyday errands.

What About The Price?

When looking at cost, Ombraz Armless sunglasses cost $150 dollars. This is pretty expensive if you are looking for simple sunglasses to wear only occasionally.

However, if you spend a lot of time doing outdoor sports, these are worth the investment. Despite their light feel, these are excellent quality sunglasses with a lifetime guarantee on the chord and frame.

If you shop around, you will see that Ombraz glasses are actually cheaper than many other sports eyewear on the market

Note: You have the option of ordering prescription lenses. This will set you back around $345 (regular glasses) or $395 (sunglasses). Almost double the cost of non-prescription Ombraz sunglasses.

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Ombraz Sunglasses Features 

Armless Frame

The main selling point of these glasses is that they don’t have arms. This may seem strange at first but is actually pretty smart. In all my previous sunnies, arms are the first thing to break.

These glasses fit flat inside their carry case or a backpocket. The acetate frame is handmade with a base curve 6.

The frame is ultra-lightweight at around 0.7oz / 20g on the regular pairs (only 0.4oz on the narrow pairs). There are no hinges or screws so fewer parts to wear out or come loose.

Ombraz markets their frames as indestructible. The website even has a video of someone jumping on their sunglasses and picking them up unscathed. Although I wouldn’t recommend testing this, you do get a lifetime warranty on the frame.

The only downside to no-arms is that these glasses can't really balance on top of your head.

ombraz sunglasses

Me wearing the Dolomite versions.

Non-Abrasive, Adjustable Chord

In place of arms, an adjustable nylon cord holds the glasses in place on your face. The cord is abrasion resistant and made from recycled materials. This fully adjustable chord is simple to tighten or loosen by pulling on the sliders.

The chord does not need to be overly tight to keep the frame in place. There is no pressure on the side of your face or plastic pressing behind your ears. You can wear these comfortably all day. No more sunglasses headaches.

These will fit anyone and are very secure regardless of your movement. You won’t lose them riding down a rocky mountain bike track or falling off a SUP.

The chord can be extended to its maximum length to hang the glasses around your neck. They sit flat against our chest and wont get crushed if you hug a friend.

My only issue with this nylon part is that it can get caught in long hair. Ombraz does highlight the fact that you need to put the chord right over your head and tighten it from beneath your hair.

ombraz review

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Get $10 off your Ombraz with the coupon: MOUNTAINIQ

Zeiss Optic Lenses With 100% UVA/ UVB Protection

The lenses are world-class quality, German engineered. These hard-coated Zeiss lenses are ultra-strong as well as being smudge and scratch resistant.

The polarized lenses are available in a range of colours:

  • Grey is the darkest lens and filters out up to 89% of light. These are the best choice for glare reduction. They are particularly good for water sports like kayaking.
  • The brown lenses improve depth perception and work well in mixed light conditions. With excellent clarity, these are your go-to lenses for everyday use.
  • The yellow lenses provide good contrast especially in low light. They also filter out harmful blue light from screens.

There are also non-polarized options. However, if you're looking for sports/ adventure sunglasses, you are going to want to go with polarized.

Carbon Negative

Ombraz scores extra points for their commitment to the environment. The plastic-free packaging is completely eco-friendly and breaks down in the compost.

ombraz armless sunglasses

Ombraz cool and eco-friendly packaging

Most impressively, the company vouches to plant 20 mangrove trees for each product sold. They do this through Eden Reforestation Project, which is an accredited carbon-credit company.

Mangroves absorb a particularly high amount of carbon. According to Ombraz’s website, the planted trees sequester as much as 1384x the carbon released in production and delivery of each pair of glasses

ombraz packaging

Ombraz plant 20 trees for every pair of sunglasses they sell.

Assorted Styles

There are currently 5 available styles to suite different face shapes. 

  • The Classic frame available in charcoal, tortoise, and matt brown. You can buy them in a narrow or regular fit.
  • Dolomite (slate, tortoise or charcoal) with a regular or large fit. The dolomite frames also have a little bit of block on the sides for glare.
  • The Leggero model has the biggest frame with a regular and extra large size available. This is ideal if you have a bigger head. Leggero frames are available in charcoal, tortoise, and ember.
  • Viale is s recent addition to the collection. Choose from tortoise, charcoal, and dusk in regular and narrow frames
  • Teton (another new addition) is available in tortoise, charcoal, and slate frames (size regular, XL) .The is wider for good glare protection
ombraz classic and dolomite sunglasses

The Classic version on the left and the Dolomite version on the right.

These are unisex glasses. However, I’d say the narrow frame will suite most woman better.

I love that they have a precise sizing guide for each style on their website. Be sure to check this out before buying. All models come with a 3mm thick neoprene case with a built-in microfibre cloth.

Warranty and Return Policy

The price includes free shipping and a 30-day warranty. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and cord. The lenses are not under warranty, these can be replaced through Lens & Frame Co for $65.

The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. If your glasses do fall off and break, you can reach out to customer service. Depending on the situation, Ombraz may be willing to repair/ replace or refund you

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