Midland GXT1050VP4 Review

Updated: March 31, 2023

Claiming the title of Mountain IQ Best Overall Two-Way Radios For Hiking is the Midland GXT1050VP4.

Having a decent range of 35 miles and being weather resistant, these versatile two way radios are ideal for outdoor use, whether you be hiking, hunting or trekking.

This feature packed two way radio is made with outdoor enthusiasts in mind and even has an emergency SOS feature! Check out the details below to see why we have chosen this as the best two way radio overall. 

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Midland GXT1050VP4 Two Way Radio

Manufacturer: Midland


  • 3 year warranty
  • Direct call feature and 10 different call alerts
  • Weather scanning
  • Good range (36 miles) and 50 GMRS channels
  • Two rechargeable battery packs (batteries have a life of 11 hours and take roughly 12 hours to recharge)
  • High, medium and low power settings conserve battery life
  • Whisper feature
  • Compatible with AA batteries 
  • Emergency SOS siren 


  • Shorter battery life than some (11 hours)
  • You need a license for the device


Coming with an unbeatable three year warranty, the Midland provides crisp, clear communication. The Whisper feature allows you to talk quietly and still be heard and direct calling capabilities mean you can contact one person in a group without alerting the others.

It is always easy to identify who is calling you as the radio has 10 different call alerts.

What we loved about the Midland GXT1050VP4 was weather scan feature and the SOS siren in case of emergency.

The weather alert automatically locks onto the local weather channel and gives a signal in cases of severe weather, giving you time to find shelter.

This paired with the SOS siren (which lets you send out distress signals) makes the device one that always puts your safety first.

It is clear that the Midland has been designed with outdoor activities in mind. Coming in a camouflage colour with 5 animal calls, including turkey and cougar, as well as a silent mode that disengages all tones, this really has been made with the hunter in mind.

The hand-free setting means that even if you are busy skiing or motorcycling you will still be able to communicate with your group.

All in all, the Midland GXT1050VP4 is an awesome choice of outdoor radio that comes with a range of features that make it useful for a variety of outdoor activities.

Best Two Way Radio

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Key Features 

Number of Channels 

The Midland GXT1050VP4 has 50 GMRS channels of crisp and clear communication, and even if you speak in a whisper the other members in your group will still be able to hear you, due to the devices Whisper feature.

It is a good idea to note that you will require a FCC license for the GXT1050, even if you only use the device on lower settings. This is due to the fact that the radio has power to use the frequencies that require a license.  

The two radios need to be in the same channel in order to communicate. GMRS channels has a longer range that FRS channels, meaning you can go further and still be in contact.

The Midland allows you to talk on both FRS and GMRS channels, with the FRS channels requiring less power than that of the GMRS. 


With a fantastic range of 36 miles under optimum conditions, the Midland had one of the best ranges of the two way radio that we tested. However, this 36 mile range will decrease to 2 miles or less in urban areas or thick forests.

The device has high, medium and low power settings which control the transmission power and help conserve battery life. 

As the device is a GMRS radio, it will have a greater range than that of FSR radios. While the high setting effectively increases range, it draws the greatest amount of power from the battery, shortening the life.

Although the Midland may work best on this setting, keep in mind what you need the device for, before automatically setting it on the highest setting. 

Hands-free Settings

The Midland comes equipped with eVOX voice activation that lets you talk hands-free. Voice activation is easy with no need for an external microphone.

Battery Life

Having dual power options, the Midland limits your chance of being stuck in an emergency situation without battery life.

The device comes with two rechargeable battery packs (one per radio) and you have the option of using 4 AA alkaline batteries per radio, however these are not included. The included batteries have a life of 11 hours and take roughly 12 hours to recharge.

What makes the Midland one of the better options is the fact that it has adjustable battery use settings, which can help keep charge over longer periods of time, and the radio has a low battery alert - meaning that you won’t be caught unawares when your battery is going flat

Luckily being compatible with AA batteries means that you can easily take along spares, so if you are planning on being out in the wild for longer than 11 hours, the Midland will still have you covered.

SOS Siren

The Midland also has an emergency SOS siren which allows you to send out distress signals, this, paired with the weather scan function which alerts you to serve weather updates in your area ,means the Midland is a two way radio that should give you peace of mind with regard to your safety. 

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