Best Air Mattress For Camping – Expert Review (2022)

When it comes to camping air mattresses, I’m a massive fan of the Intex Dura-Beam. It’s extra durable, very comfortable and well-priced for those on a tight budget.

For a light and compact option, I recommend checking out the Sierra Designs mattress.

For those looking for a glamping experience, the SoundAsleep camping mattress provides luxurious comfort.

Here's my list of the top 5 air mattresses for camping.

Best Air Mattress For Camping (Top Picks)

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Top Camping Air Mattresses (Detailed Reviews)

We reviewed over 12 air mattresses for this article. Below are the best air mattresses for camping that made our short list.

  1. Intex Dura-Beam Standard Pillow Rest Classic - Best Overall
  2. SoundAsleep Camping 
  3. Sierra Designs Queen - Best Lightweight
  4. SoundAsleep Dream
  5. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam - Best Value

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1. Best Overall Air Mattress For Camping

Intex Dura Beam Standard Pillow Rest Classic Airbed with Internal Pump, Twin

4/5 Overall Rating

The Dura-Beam Standard Pillow Rest Classic is an excellent budget option for a camping mattress. It has everything you need in a camping air mattress, but at an affordable price.

Made from extra-thick material, the Pillow Rest Classic has excellent durability and is resistant to punctures.

It has a flocked, waterproof surface, which makes it soft and comfortable to lie on with or without sheets, in addition to being less noisy than straight vinyl air mattresses.

At 11 pounds (5kg), the Pillow Rest Classic is fairly lightweight and fits compactly into its own carry bag, which makes it easy to transport and travel with.

Its built-in electric pump inflates the mattress very quickly and is simple to use, however, it does require electricity to function.

It also has a built in "pillow" that runs along the top of the air mattress, but you can still use your own pillow on top of it if you prefer.

The Pillow Rest Classic is very comfortable, durable and is a overall a good quality air mattress.

Main Features
  • Built-in electric pump
  • Built-in pillow
  • Waterproof, flocked top
What we like
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Inflates quickly
What we dislike
  • Needs a different pump if you don't have access to electricity
Key Takeaway

The Intex Pillow Rest Classic has everything you need in a camping mattress but at a very affordable price. If you're looking for something simple and easy to take with you on your travels without breaking the bank, then this is a great pick for you.

2. Good Air Mattress for Camping

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress with Eco-Friendly PVC - Included Rechargeable Air Pump - Twin Size

4.5/5 Overall Rating

The SoundAsleep Camping was designed specifically for camping purposes and outdoor use. Its ComfortCoil technology ensures that the mattress is supportive and comfortable so that you'll sleep soundly all night long.

The Camping Series comes in 2 different sizes, twin and queen, so that you can choose whichever one will be more suited to your needs or fit inside your tent better.

The mattress has a single height design and is made from very sturdy, durable material so that its suitable to take with you as you rough it in the great outdoors.

It also has a "Sure-Grip" bottom to prevent the mattress from sliding around the tent floor.

The Camping Series air mattress is water resistant, but make sure you let any moisture dry out before packing it away as it could collect in the carry bag.

An external pump is included and has a rechargeable battery so you can charge it before your trip or with a car charger while you drive to your destination. If the pump isn't to your liking, the Camping Series is compatible with other standard pumps.

All of these features were designed with outdoor use in mind so  that you can have the perfect camping experience with the SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress.

Main Features
  • Single-height design
  • ComfortCoil technology
  • "Sure-Grip" bottom
What we like
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Optional sizes
  • Pump with rechargeable battery
What we dislike
  • Pump doesn't have a charge indicator
Key Takeaway

The SoundAsleep Camping is a great choice for a camping trip. Its waterproof, extra thick fabric ensures durability so you can rely on it for multiple trips and don't have to worry about ending up asleep on the hard ground.

3. Best Lightweight Outdoor Air Mattress

Sierra Designs 2 Person Queen Camping Air Bed Mattress for Car Camping, Travel, and Camp (Pump Included)

4.5/5 Overall Rating

The Sierra Designs Queen is lightweight, compact and very durable. This is an ideal mattress to take away with you on a camping trip, to a music festival or even as an extra bed if you have a guest over for a night or two. It has quite a low height when fully inflated, so is perfect for tent use and can easily be maneuvered around.  

While most air mattresses are constructed from PVC material (polyvinyl chloride), the Sierra is made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which is more abrasion resistant and flexible.

PVC mattresses are likely to lose their firmness for the first couple of uses as the material stretches, but TPU will hold its shape and firmness well.

It also uses special stabilizing technology to ensure you get a good night's rest even if the person sleeping next to you is tossing and turning.

The Sierra Design Queen comes with a two-way Boston valve as well as a port for adjusting its firmness to your preference.

It also comes with its own battery operated pump so you don't have to worry about running out of charge on a long camping trip, you can just pack some extra batteries.

Main Features
  • TPU material
  • Battery operated pump
  • Patented stabilization technology
  • 2-way Boston Valve for quick inflation and deflation
What we like
  • Comes with its own carry bag
  • Has a 1 year warranty
What we dislike
  • The material is quite noisy
Key Takeaway

The Lightspeed Outdoors 2 is an ideal air bed to take with you on a camping trip. It is small, light and packs away easily, which makes it perfect for travelling with. It is also comfortable and very durable so you can enjoy using it on many trips.

4. Best Glamping Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump - Twin Size

4.5/5 Overall Rating

The SoundAsleep Dream is a super comfortable and durable air mattress with a "double-height" design which makes you feel as though you're sleeping on a traditional bed mattress.

While the mattress may is not really suitable for camping, if you're looking to for a 'Glamping' experience, it's the ideal choice.

The Dream Series mattress has 40 internal air coils to make sure it stays firm and doesn't dip in the center. It also features a "Sure-Grip" bottom so that it doesn't slide around on the ground during use.

It has a patented pump, which is not only easy to use but is quieter than similar pumps and allows for the mattress to become fully inflated in under 4 minutes. The pump requires an electrical socket to work though, so you will need to be sure that you have access to electricity when you take it  camping. It also has a deflation function, which releases the air quickly so that you can pack it up and store the mattress efficiently.

Despite being designed for indoor-use, the Dream Series is still suitable for "luxury" camping and will provide you with an amazing night's sleep.

While it can be used in a tent, it is not recommended for outdoor use so if you're looking to sleep under the stars, this may not be the mattress for you.

Main Features
  • Waterproof flocked top , which provides extra durability and comfort
  • ComfortCoil Technology with 40 air coils to keep the mattress in shape
  • User-friendly patented pump
  • "Sure-Grip" bottom
What we like
  • Extremely comfortable - almost feels as if you're sleeping in a proper bed
  • Excellent durability so it will last a long time
  • Inflates and deflates quickly
What we dislike
  • Quite heavy (8.6kg)
Key Takeaway

The SoundAsleep Dream is a great air mattress to take glamping. It provides excellent support and comfort so you will sleep soundly all night long.

5. Best Value Camping Air Mattress

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

4/5 Overall Rating

The IIntex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam is a super comfortable air mattress that inflates to a height of 22 inches which makes getting on and off it very easy.

While being designed for indoor use, the Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam is still a great choice for a camping trip if you have a spacious tent.

Its built-in electric pump allows for a quick and easy inflation process, however if you take it camping and don't have access to electricity, you'll have to use a different compatible pump.

Plush flocking covers the top surface of the air mattress which makes it soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Designed with horizontal air chambers, the Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam offers great stability and support for your body, whether you're sleeping alone or with a partner.

It comes in 2 sizes, twin and queen, so you can choose which will suit your needs better. This is a high quality air mattress with many useful features that make it excellent value for money.

Main Features
  • Built-in electric pump
  • Elevated height
  • Horizontal air chambers
What we like
  • Waterproof flocked top
  • Very comfortable
What we dislike
  • Needs a different pump if you don't have access to electricity
Key Takeaway

While the IIntex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam was designed for indoor use, it is still an excellent option for camping and will provide you with an excellent night's sleep. It offers many of the same features as more expensive air mattresses but at a much lower price.

Buyer's Guide: Air Mattress For Camping (Key Features)

Weight and Dimensions

The weight and dimensions of an air mattress are important features to take note of when making your decision to purchase.

For camping purposes you might want a lighter air mattress to make transporting to and from places as easy as possible. You don't want to be lugging around a big, heavy mattress to and from your tent.

You also need to consider the dimensions of the air mattress, both when folded up and when fully inflated.

The air mattress should fit nicely in your tent so if you have a small tent, a small, compact air mattress would be the better choice, whereas if you have a big, spacious tent, you can opt for a larger, elevated one.

It should also be able to fold up and pack away easily and compactly so that it doesn't take up too much space when not in use.


While comfort level of an air mattress can be subjective, it's a good idea to consider the way an air mattress is design and what kind of support they provide.

Some have stabilizing systems to ensure you can have stay sound asleep, even if the person next to you is tossing and turning. 

You can usually adjust the firmness of an air mattress which is helpful to help you reach a desired level of comfort.

Some air mattresses are also designed with soft, suede-like surfaces so that you can sleep on them without sheets.


Many air mattress come with their own pumps, however it may be a good idea to check whether it could be compatible with other pumps that you may prefer.

Electric pumps generally inflate the mattresses quicker, but if you're camping you don't always have access to electricity. 

Battery operated and rechargeable pumps are also common with camping mattresses so that you can inflate your airbed without needing electricity.

Some pumps are external, while others are built-in to the mattress, so depending on your preference, you should check this feature.


The material of an air mattress is also important to consider. While most air mattresses are made from PVC, it isn't an environmentally friendly material, so if that's an important factor in your decision making process then consider an air mattress made from TPU or other, more eco-friendly, materials.

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