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Best Waterproof Socks 2019 (With Comparison Table)


Waterproof socks are a handy piece of clothing for an adventurer expecting to get their feet wet.

Useful in many situations - skiing, kayaking, fishing, hiking through snow and other cold or wet conditions - these socks are definitely a good item to add to your gear.

In this article, we review the best waterproof socks for outdoor adventures. 

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Waterproof Socks - Top Picks

Waterproof Socks



Warmth/ Breathability


Best Overall

3 layer technology: Water repellent outer layer, high performance interlining and Micax inner sock


Small, medium, large

Editor's Choice

Merino wool inner, Porelle membrane interlining and polyamide outer shell


Small, medium, large, extra-large

Most Durable

3 layer technology: Water repellent outer layer, high performance interlining and soft thermal inner layer


Extra small, small, medium, large, extra large

Good Value

3 layer construction: Waterproof nylon outer layer, high performance lightweight fabric inter layer and coolmax lining

Very good

Extra small, small, medium, large

Best For Women

Soft bamboo inner lining, Porelle membrane interlining and nylon outer layer

Very good

Small, medium, large, extra large

Best Overall Waterproof Socks

DAKY Phantom Plus

5/5 Overall Rating

The DAKY Phantom Plus Waterproof Socks are the best overall performers out of the socks that we looked at.

These socks have all the features you need, including non-slip grip soles, a merino blend for extra warmth and a unique three layer technology which keeps your feet comfortable and dry in most outdoor environments.

According to DAKY, the 3 layer technology consists of a water repellent outer layer, high performance interlining and Micax inner sock

We used the socks on a rainy day hike in the Lake District and were super impressed with the water resistant qualities of the sock. We also found the socks kept our feet cool, which is testament to the breathable characteristics of the fabric. A surprising feature was the deodorizing inner layer, which meant after a full days hiking the socks still felt fresh to the smell - very handy for multi-day trekking.

As they are mid-calf length they are ideal whether you are skiing, kayaking, hiking, fishing or sailing - so no matter your adventure they are definitely a pair to consider.

All in all, the socks are brilliant performers and are good value for money.

Main Features
  • Micax cooling fabric
  • Non-slip grip soles
  • Unique 3 layer technology
  • Washable travel bag
What we like
  • Breathable yet waterproof
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Check
    Flexible and body forming
What we dislike
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Have to hand wash them (not machine washable)
Key Takeaway

The DAKY Phantom Plus Waterproof Socks are brilliant all-rounder socks that keep your feet warm and dry on any outdoor adventure.

Editor's Choice

DexShell Hytherm Pro

4/5 Overall Rating

The DexShell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks are our pick for the editor’s choice. These socks are comfy and soft, and they work quite well. The merino wool in the socks reacts to body temperature, keeping your feet warm and toasty at all times.

One of these socks' downside is their price, as they are definitely the most expensive pair we tested. The material wasn’t quite as waterproof as we had hoped, so your feet can get a little damp in some extremely humid conditions.

All in all these are good looking calf-length waterproof socks that deliver good technical performance and smart outdoor design - and they fit as expected.

Main Features
  • Merino wool
  • Seamless construction
  • Cushioned foot bed
What we like
  • Machine washable
  • Stay dry over multiple days
  • Check
    Keep your feet very warm
What we dislike
  • More expensive
  • Could be better fitting
Key Takeaway

A good pair of socks that are warm and stay dry in most conditions. The DexShells are an easy recommend if you have some money to splash. 

Most Durable Unisex 


4.5/5 Overall Rating

The DAKY Aqua Waterproof Socks came away from our test earning the title of the most durable socks, and they are unisex. 

These high performance socks come with an antibacterial layer and their flexible design means they fit like a glove.

These workman like socks are elegant in design and keep your feet dry and comfy in any environment.

Although being very durable they aren’t too thick so your feet can still breathe while you are wearing them. And as a plus, they come with a washable travel bag.

These socks durability aren’t the only thing they have going for them. The soft inner layer is antibacterial and is made from a mixture of coolmax, cotton and nylon. 

These socks are comfortable, do their job and sell at a pretty decent price to boot.

Main Features
  • 3-layer technology
  • Antibacterial
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Washable travel bag
What we like
  • Lighter weight
  • Check
    Fits really well
  • Check
    Elegant looking
What we dislike
  • Only one colour option
Key Takeaway

The durable DAKY Aqua Waterproof Socks socks tick all the boxes and are good value for money.

Good Value

Randy Sun Socks

3/5 Overall Rating

The Randy Sun unisex socks are definitely the best value for money out of the socks we tested. 

Not only are these socks a decent price, they also come in variety of different colours and patterns so you can personalise your outfit.

These are good looking socks with funky unisex designs and the socks three layer construction ensure that they are breathable while staying waterproof.

Due to being thicker the socks can take slightly longer to dry, so keep this in mind if you are doing overnight adventures with them. 

All told though the Randy Sun socks do what they are meant to, and do it well.

Not only can you get yourself a pair of fun coloured socks, but these are the more affordable of the bunch.

Main Features
  • Reinforced heel and toe areas
  • Antibacterial yarn
  • Three layer construction
What we like
  • Can machine wash under 40 degrees
  • Check
    Many color options
  • Check
    Very resistant to water
What we dislike
  • As they are unisex, you have to be sure of your size
  • Socks are a little thicker
  • Not seamless
Key Takeaway

The Randy Sun unisex socks are our best value socks as they get the job done at an affordable price. Ideal for adventurers on a budget.

Best For Women

DexShell Ultralite Bamboo

3/5 Overall Rating

Voted as best for women, the DexShell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks really keep the female foot in mind.  We loved how versatile these socks as they can be used for any outdoor activity where you may get your feet wet.

These socks are made from a combination of bamboo rayon, porelle membrane, polyamide and elastane. Being super lightweight, your feet don’t get too hot if you aren’t in very cold conditions, however, they might not hold up quite as well in really wet and soggy conditions. 

The two different colour striped version of the socks that you can choose from, are either a pro or a con depending on if you like stripes. It would be nice if they offered one or two plainer versions though.

Main Features
  • Seamless construction
  • Ultra light
  • Highly breathable
  • Soft bamboo lining
What we like
  • Casual design
  • Check
    Keep feet warm and dry
  • Check
    Fit as expected
What we dislike
  • Only offered in stripes
  • Not completely breathable
Key Takeaway

DexShell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks are stylish, lightweight socks that super comfortable and versatile.

Buyer's Guide for Waterproof Socks - Key Features

If you know your feet are likely to get wet during your next outdoor adventure, waterproof socks are a small, but mighty piece of clothing. You can easily find the right pair as they come in a variety of thicknesses, designs and sizes.

Find out what key features you need to keep in mind when choosing your next pair of waterproof socks.

Waterproof Quality

This seems like an obvious feature that all these socks need to have, but it is a good idea to keep in mind that some pairs do the job better than others.

Certain socks can withstand large volumes of water, depending on how thick they are and what level of activity they have been designed for.

It all comes down to what you need, as each pair of socks has its own pros and cons. Thicker socks may function best in very cold wet conditions (such as hiking in very wet cold conditions or skiing) whereas lighter waterproof socks are more versatile when it comes to what activities you want to use them in.

Another important consideration is for how long you plan on wearing the socks. If you are using them all day over multiple days, it may be a good idea to invest in a more durable pair.


Apart from keeping your feet dry it is important that the socks let your feet breath. There is no point in trekking through mucky conditions only to have your feet as wet and sweaty as if you had worn standard socks.

It is a good idea to keep in mind the temperature conditions of your next adventure and find a pair of socks accordingly.

There are a variety of options offered in terms of thickness, so if your feet won’t be getting too cold, definitely look for the lighter weight options.

Fortunately, most socks include technology that helps make them more breathable but it you will definitely be more comfortable if you go the extra mile and compare thickness before your next buy.

Antibacterial Quality

If you are purchasing a pair of socks for your next long adventure it is important that they need to keep your feet dry, as well as hygienic.

If you plan on using the same pair of socks multiple times, it may be a good idea to invest in a pair that have   antibacterial inner layers , as being waterproof may mean they get a little warm and sweaty.

The best thing to consider in this situation is how long the socks will go between washes and how much you will be using them.

Being waterproof, some socks take much longer to dry and this makes washing them difficult if you are on the road - so having an antibacterial layer is something of a blessing in this situation.

However, if you aren’t planning multi-day treks then this isn’t as necessary. 

Other Features

  • Non-slip sole and toe areas
  • Thickness
  • Price
  • Are they machine washable

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