Aconcagua Guidebooks and Recommended Literature
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Aconcagua Guidebooks And Recommended Literature

aconcagua guidebooks

Not many Aconcagua guidebooks have been written, and of those that have most are not fantastic.

Below we have provide a short synopsis on the two main guidebooks that we recommend for any would-be climbers of the mountain.

We have also included recommendations on topographical maps for the region.

There are a few worthy books that provide personal Aconcagua climbing accounts. Mark Horrel’s book The True Peruvian Route is very entertaining, as is Jim Hodgson’s How To Mount Aconcagua.

Best Aconcagua Guidebooks

Aconcagua: Summit of South America by Harry Kikstra

This is a brilliant pocket sized guide on climbing Aconcagua.

Part 1 consists of detailed information on planning and preparation, with a specific focus on preventing and managing altitude sickness. You will also find a detailed 70-item packing list.

Part 2 provides information on Argentina and the Andes in general – this is probably the least useful section for climbers.

Part 3 provides exacting information on terrain, altitudes and main features of the Normal route and Vacas Valley (Polish Glacier and Traverse) routes.

Part 4 is very helpful in providing GPS waypoints and other useful information like a short English / Spanish phrasebook. Highly recommended for any would-be Aconcagua climber.

Check out Aconcagua: Summit of South America.

Aconcagua: A Climbing Guide by R.J. Secor

R.J. Secor’s classic Aconcagua guidebook is still relevant and useful today.

First published in 1994 and then updated in 1999, the book contains all the essential information on climbing Aconcagua.

Places and contacts in Mendoza are of course out of date but when it comes to the mountain the book doesn’t fail.

We own both Secor’s classic guidebook and Kikstra’s pocket guide and use them interchangeably.

Check out Aconcagua: A Climbing Guide.

Best Aconcagua Maps

Aconcagua Trekking Map 1:50,000 by TerraQuest

Detailed topographical map of Aconcagua and surrounds from TerraQuest. Map scale is 1:50,000.

Available on Amazon.

Aconcagua: Trekking and Mountaineering Map by Sergio Zagier

Satellite topographical map at 1:50,000, with contour lines at 50 meters. This is the official map provided by the Parque Provincial Aconcagua.

Available on Amazon.

Best Aconcagua Diaries

The True Peruvian Route: An Ascent of Aconcagua by Mark Horrel

This is an excellent and highly entertaining travel diary from mountaineer, Mark Horrel.

Mark’s style of writing is super personal, so much so that at times you feel you are there with him on the mountain. We highly recommend this book for any would-be Aconcagua climber!

Available on Amazon

How To Mount Aconcagua by Jim Hodgson

Jim Hodgson’s How To Mount Aconcagua: A Mostly Serious Guide to Climbing the Tallest Mountain Outside the Himalayas is very funny, full of potty humor interspesed with very useful nuggets of wisdom about climbing Aconcangua.

A great read!

Available on Amazon


If you have any further questions or queries regarding Aconcagua guidebooks and other recommended literature please leave a comment below.

Are we missing any useful and entertaining Aconcagua books? Please let us know and we’ll try and add it to the list!

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