Best Time To Hike Havasupai Falls

Havasu Falls is a waterfall located in the reservation of the Havasupai people, and in the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

It is the most visited of the numerous falls along the Havasu Creek and is composed of one ~30m chute of water falling into pristine plunge pools.

The pools are an enticing true aquamarine colour due to the high calcium carbonate concentration, so for many tourists, diving in is a highlight of the trek.

Briefly, we would say that the best time for you to hike the Havasu Falls is in March/April and October/November, or in early spring and late fall.

This article will provide you with weather charts showing the average temperatures, precipitation and wind speed by month. It will then provide a month-by-month breakdown of what you can expect during the month for which you have booked your permit.

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Havasu Falls - When To Go

While the summer months can get really hot to walk in – a dip in the pools after a long, hot morning hike is so satisfying that it’s almost worth it.

Remember, though, that the trails into Supai will be closed if the temperatures reach 115°F or higher and there is no guarantee by the permit administration of a refund or reschedule of your hike. To avoid the risk of being disappointed, the official website recommends Travel Insurance, and so do we.


Furthermore, if you are planning on hiking in summer and opt for the July/August period, note that this is monsoon season and there is a serious risk of flash floods. In fact, the flash floods are a major influence on the landscape of the region and even wiped out the original Navajo Falls in 2008.

There was another flash flood in 2018, so it is important that you check the rain forecast in the days leading up to the hike, just in case.

However, the trail is open from February through until November and getting a permit for any time of the year is so competitive that we strongly suggest that if you have the opportunity to go whatever the time of year – take it.

The Falls: Temperature By Month

As can be seen by the chart below, June, July and August are the warmest months and have scorching daily maximums of around 100°F.

However, even during these months the night time temperatures drop significantly to around 65°F so it is necessary to plan for relatively cold weather as well. The key to tackling variable weather is through layering.

For more information, check out our packing list for the multi-day trekking.  


Rainfall By Month

The figure below reveals that by far the most rainfall occurs in July and August (~1.3 inches of rainfall per month), which is to be expected as these are the monsoon months. 

However, the likelihood of encountering rain even during these months is low, with a total of approximately 5 or 6 days per month (in July and August) affected by rain.

The real issue with rain is not merely discomfort, but instead it is the chance of a flash flood, which could be dangerous. Thus, if you do plan you trip for summer, make sure you keep checking the rain forecast.


Historical Wind Speed

Over the course of the year, the average wind speeds tend to fluctuate between 6 mph and 12 mph with the windiest months being roughly in winter and spring.

The wind speed is not high enough to be a cause for concern at any time of the year, although gusts are known to reach 19 mph.

Havasupai Weather Conditions: By Month

January Conditions

February Conditions

March Conditions

April Conditions

May Conditions

June Conditions

July Conditions

August Conditions

September Conditions

October Conditions

November Conditions

December Conditions


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