Osprey Talon 22 Review

Updated: March 31, 2023

The Osprey Talon 22, like many Osprey products before it, is a brilliant and well-rounded daypack. It’s a lightweight, compact and feature-filled pack, making it perfect for any hiking enthusiast or even beginners. 

For these reasons, we gave the Talon 22 our “Best Overall Hiking Daypack” award!

If you are looking to replace your old daypack, or even if you’re buying one for the very first time, this pack is a great choice!

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Osprey Talon 22 Daypack

Manufacturer: Osprey Packs


  • Versatile, comfortable and highly durable
  • Great adjustability
  • Hydration sleeve separate from main compartment
  • 7 exterior pockets and 22L capacity


  • Back panel is on the thinner side, so if the contents were poorly packed you might feel them dig into your back
  • Slightly heavier than other packs of a similar capacity
  •  Not the most breathable design ever


There are a number of features packed into the small form factor of the Talon 22 that we really liked, mostly the fact that it has 7 exterior pockets for a total of 22L of capacity. That’s a lot of space in a pack that only weighs 624g (22 oz.).

What was especially nice about the storage was the two small pockets on the hipbelt that were perfect to store a smartphone, small camera, a GPS system, or some small snacks like your trail mix.

Also, the pack was hydration compatible, with the hydration sleeve being housed separately from the main compartment. We thought that was a pretty clever touch on Osprey’s part. On top of all of that storage space, the Talon 22 also has a number of straps, loops and connections on the exterior for a helmet, trekking pole and ice-tool attachment.

As for what we didn’t really like, there wasn’t much. The pack was versatile, comfortable and highly durable, so it pretty much passed all of our tests with flying colours. The couple of gripes we did have weren’t game changers, but they do mean the pack wasn’t perfect (but nothing is).

While the pack is lightweight for the amount of features it has, it was still pretty heavy when compared to other packs with a similar capacity.

Secondly, we found that if the contents of the pack were not well organised and over packed, you might feel them digging into your back. Aside from those two (pretty small) things, we found the Talon 22 to be extremely comfortable with its adjustable straps and hipbelt, and breathable AirScape back panel.

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Osprey Talon Key Features

Capacity and Weight

The Osprey Talon 22 is small to medium sized in terms of its capacity, with a reasonable 22L of gear space (as the name implies). This makes it a highly versatile product, as it can be used for longer, slower hikes, but also for short and quick hikes or even cycling/mountain biking.

One of the bigger downsides of this pack, as we previously mentioned, is that it is quite a bit heavier and less compact than other daypacks with similar capacities. At 624g, it’s by no means heavy, but that extra weight might be noticeable in more high-speed and intense activities. What’s more is that, because of the foam back panel and feature-packed design, the sturdy design can’t be folded up for easy storage.

Ventilation and Comfortability

This is where the Talon 22 excels. It more than makes up for the extra weight with a brilliant suspension system and comfortable padding. Osprey’s suspension system in this instance makes even the heaviest of loads feel light on the back, with a comfortable and effective hipbelt. Adding to this is its adjustability, which means this pack can be comfortable for most people.

The AirScape back panel is made of a mesh-covered foam, with ridges that provide breathability and a rigid structure. It’s not the most breathable design ever, but it provides the best of both worlds in terms of comfortability and strength.


This is another area in which the Talon 22 stands out from the other smaller daypacks. It has 7 exterior pockets, including stretch mesh pockets for easy access to water while the pack is on your back, small pockets on the hipbelt for convenience, and even a hydration sleeve separate from the main compartment, a feature that we really liked.

The Talon 22 includes Osprey’s Stow-On-The-Go trekking pole attachment system, as well as their LidLock helmet attachment, LED light attachment, and ice-tool attachment points. These make the pack highly versatile and simple to use in a number of activities. Finally, as a nice added bonus, the chest strap has a built in emergency whistle that might come in handy (if not just to annoy your friends).

Materials and Design

We think the Talon 22 daypack is a great looking product, and it comes in some really practical colour schemes that are definitely easy on the eye. The pack itself is made from nylon and the back panel from foam and mesh. The main compartment is a panel design with a double zipper, which makes it great for organizing your gear and easy access to it after that. In general, we prefer panel designs over top loading designs for functionality.

The pack held up great against everything thrown at it, looking pretty much new even after some heavy use. The material was durable and light, and it will even keep the contents of the pack dry in case of light rain. It is not, however, entirely waterproof. The small top pocket has an extra layer of fabric that covers the zip, making it a lot more resistant to water than the rest of the pack.

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