Hennessy Hammock Review (Expedition Asym)

Updated: March 31, 2023

The Hennessy Hammock is the perfect hammock, if you are looking for a hammock which is not only comfortable but also provides great protection from the elements.

It's great for variable weather conditions and terrain, and features a rain-fly (but doesn't hold up in a downpour) and mosquito net.

The hammock is made from durable 70D oxford nylon and has a patented asymmetrical design to provide you with the utmost comfort while you rest. A great alternative to a one-man tent!

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Hennesy Hammock

Manufacturer: Hennessy Hammock


  • Great for use in variable weather a terrain
  • Highly durable and high quality
  • Integrated mosquito net
  • Rain fly included
  • Instructions are printed on the stuff sack, so you won’t ever leave it behind
  • Great alternative to a one-man tent
  • Gear pocket


  • Heavy, however it is lightweight compared to other shelters (not suitable if weight and size is a concern)
  • You cannot sit up in the hammock
  • The built-in rainfly is not adequate to protect you during a heavy downpour
  • Bulky in size
  • The hammock is difficult to set up, not colour coded and can take some getting used to
  • More expensive than other similar products on the market


The Hennessy Hammock is a great option for more serious camping in variable weather conditions and terrain.

If you are heading into a wet climate and need protection this hammock definitely won’t disappoint.

The hammock has a patented asymmetrical design which provides standout comfort and support while you rest.

Furthermore, it has a height limit of 6 feet and a weight limit of 250lbs which makes it perfect for the average sized person but those who are a little taller may struggle.

The hammock comes fully equipped with a No-See-Um integrated mosquito net, as well as suspension and a rain fly, providing you with the ultimate protection the weather, terrain and insects.

In addition to the mosquito net, it also has a unique bottom entrance which is sealed with Velcro, giving you added protection as you can enter your hammock without letting in any mosquitos or other insects.

If entering through the bottom isn’t your thing there is an option of a traditional side entrance with a zipper as well.

A few practical additions to the hammock are a gear pocket for you to store your belongings and two glove hooks and a ridgeline. This allows you to attach small LED lights. 

Since conserving the environment is important, it comes with webbing straps to reduce damage to the trees you attach your hammock to, making sure the environment is protected and you leave no evidence of your stay behind.

Although the hammock is heavier than other hammocks on the market, it makes up for it in comfort, versatility and durability.

The hammock is also bulkier and more burly than desired, but it is a replacement for a tent which would be just as bulky if not more to carry with you as you hike.

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Key Takeaway

The Hennessy Hammock is a great all-purpose hammock which means you can rely on it in variable weather conditions and terrain without the use of a tent. The hammock offers great comfort and protection. Be sure to also check out the more updated Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym

However, this hammock is on the heavier side, so if weight is a concern, you should opt for a brand which offers lighter options. See the Best Of Hammocks here.

Hennesy Hammock Key Features 


The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym is incredibly comfortable and that is due to the patented asymmetrical design and the guy lines to stake the sides out which provide extra shoulder space. However, the stiff fabric is less comfortable than other thinner fabrics, but this should not be an issue with the use of a sleeping bag.


One of the major drawbacks of the hammock is its weight. It weighs 33 ounces on its own and 49.3 ounces with the rain fly and stuff sack attached.

This hammock was designed to protect you and keep you comfortable in unfavourable weather and the weight of the hammock is something that had to be sacrificed.If you are expecting to be in cold or wet conditions the extra weight will definitely be worth it.


The Hennessy Hammock is bugproof, water proof and wind resistant. It comes with a built-in No-See-Um mosquito net to protect you from any insects in the area. The bottom entrance also helps with preventing any mosquitoes or other insects from entering the hammock.

The hammock also comes with a rain fly, which is detachable for when you are in more pleasant weather, to protect you against wet and unpleasant weather.

The rain fly also has the unique asymmetrical shape to match the hammock. This hammock is ideal for those who are planning on camping in more serious conditions and seek some extra protection.


The hammock is made from some of the toughest and most durable fabrics. The 70D nylon with double stitched seams makes the durability of this hammock a standout.

The burly fabric is a great help in snow or rainfall. With the right care this hammock can last you years.

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