North Face Morph Hoodie Review

Updated: April 2, 2023

The North Face Morph Hoodie was replaced by a newer model - the North Face Aconcagua - which I reviewed in cohort with other epic new jackets. This page provides links to both jackets. A lot of this review is still useful but do check out the newest versions of all my preferred down jackets here.

Constructed with winter hiking in mind. Due to the notable features, we rated it as a Good Overall Down Jacket. However, the poor fit caused it to be ranked lower than it should have been.

That being said, this jacket is great if you fit into it! It's lightweight, durable and has no problems with insulation.

Our detailed review highlights some of the reasons why this could be a good choice for your next hiking adventure. 

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North Face Morph Hoodie Review

Manufacturer: The North Face


  • 800-fill power down in a 20D 100% nylon shell
  • DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
  • Lightweight
  • Hem buckles, cuffs and drawcords are recessed


  • Rather tight fit. Consider a size or two bigger


As stated above, the Morph Hoodie has a few notable features. Warmth, insulation and water-resistance are the main concerns for every down jacket. Without these, the jacket would be useless.

The Morph Hoodie was constructed with 800-fill power down, in a 20D 100% nylon shell. The down provides warmth, while the shell provides insulation for the down, and is coated in durable water repellent (DWR) so that is sheds light rain and snow.

The Morph Hoody has recessed hem drawcords and buckles, which ensures that your jacket won’t snag on anything while you’re climbing, which is very important. The cuffs are also recessed, which is always great which any jacket. No one likes a jacket with too wide cuffs, which allows chilly air to enter.

This is a good down hoody, with admirable features suited to climbers. However, the poor fit of the jacket contradicts this. If it was indeed made with climbers in mind, then it should not be so constricting across the back and chest and under the arms. The restriction will hamper movement while climbing, which could result it problems during the hike.

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Key Features

Warmth, Insulation and Draft Prevention

The main function of any winter jacket is warmth and insulation. If it can’t provide that, then it’s not a winter jacket. The North Face Morph Hoodie is constructed with 800-fill power down, in a nylon shell. The shell provides enough insulation for the down to remain lofty, which provides optimal warmth in wintry conditions.

The hem buckles and drawcords, and the recessed cuffs seal in warmth and provides the wearer with the added protection of preventing drafts from entering up the sleeves and hem. Like any down hoody, the Morph Face is extra warm and very well insulated to protect its wearer during outdoor activities in winter conditions. In this aspect, there are no problems with the jacket.

Weight and Water Resistance

Weighing 13.9oz (390 grams), the Morph Hoodie is lightweight, although there are always others that are lighter. The 800-fill power down accounts for most of the weight, as the nylon shell and lining only accounts for a small percentage (75 grams) of the overall weight.

The nylon shell itself is water-resistant, but it is also coated in a durable water repellent (DWR), which will shed light rain and snow, and dries easily. Water-resistance is an important feature for all winter jackets to have, and the jacket has a very good DWR coating, although you should still be careful in overly wet conditions.

Durability and Breathability

The jacket was designed and constructed for climbing, as such, the outer nylon shell is durable, breathable and promotes ease of movement. Sewn-through baffles are used to construct the jacket, stitching the down, lining and shell together in a way that ensures breathability. The fabric is comprised of 20D 100% nylon, ensuring a durable shell that is unlikely to tear during a hike.

Comfort and Ease of Movement

While the hoody does seem to be designed for climbing, with its recessed hem buckles and drawcords, the tight fit does seem to contradict this. The jacket is very tight across the shoulders, chest and underarms, which restricts movement.

As I said though, the hem drawcords and buckles are recessed, which would prevent any snagging during a climb. This is important for climbers, as any snag may result in injury. The cuffs are recessed as well, which provides easy accommodation for gloves.

If you can find the right fit in this hoody, it would be worth a buy. Unfortunately, getting it in your size could make it very uncomfortable, so a size or two bigger might be required.

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