Best Trekking Company In Nepal – 19 Top Agencies For Your Himalayan Adventure

trekking company in nepal

Nepal is a mountaineering paradise home to the Himalayas and most of the world’s highest mountains. Over the last twenty years, tourism has continued to increase and more than 1000 travel agencies have sprung up.

So how do you decide on the best trekking company in Nepal?

I took a look at over 100 different companies to narrow it down to Nepal's best local trekking agencies.

With so many options, its tempting to go with the first or cheapest offer. If you want your trek to be memorable (for the right reasons!) I’d recommend giving the choice some thought.

The companies below have been selected based on their outstanding reviews, word of mouth, and ethical practices. These Nepal trekking companies are responsive and professional from the moment you book.

Almost all are 100% local-owned companies with more than ten years in the business. The guides have years of experience and you can rest assured you will be in good hands. I hope this helps make it just a little easier to plan your trekking adventure!

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Top Nepal Trekking Companies


1. Nepal Eco Adventures, Kathmandu - Overall Best Nepal Trekking Company 

Nepal Eco Adventures is located in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal’s tourism centre. They offer Trekking tours in all of Nepal’s most popular regions.
This tour operator has been around since 2010.

Their motto is to invest in young and enthusiastic local guides and let them grow their careers with the company. Clients especially love the above-and-beyoind care they receive from these experienced guides.

Their best-selling tours are Everest Base Camp and 12 Day Annapurna Base Camp Trek. With over 1,600 positive reviews, Nepal Eco Adventures is impressive in the customer satisfaction department.

2. Ace The Himalaya, Kathmandu 

Ace The Himilaya are all about adventure. They specialize in trekking tours in Nepal and also are big on Mountain biking. Ace was started in 2006 by Prem Khatry who already had years in the industry as a tour leader. They offer all of the classic Nepal routes as well as more off-the-beaten-path treks.

As a 100% locally owned company, Ace The Himilaya is very passionate about giving back. They work with local organizations to help with school and rural infrastructure projects. There are options for guests that want to get involved with community projects in the form of voluntourism.

When you book with Ace The Himalaya, you rest assured the employees are treated well. Guides all have medical and accident insurance.

3.Nepal Hiking Team, Kathmandu 

Nepal Hiking Team is a firm favorite amongst operators in Kathmandu. The tour company was started in 2009 by two brothers, Ganga and Balaram, who are still very hands-on with arranging trips. They take pride in running a transparent business and always being available to help their clients.

People who trek with Nepal Hiking Team love the friendly, expert guides. This company is very flexible when it comes to creating individual itinerarys. Together with trekking, they offer city tours and tours in Tibet and Bhutan.

4. Happy Treks Nepal, Pokhara- Best Nepal Trekking Company in Pokhara

Happy Treks Nepal is a small company in Pokhara that specializes in curating local experiences. Udaya Sebedi (a.k.a. Mr. Happy) created the company after working as a guide for a few years. He also runs a homestay in Kaskikot, just outside Pokhara. These days, Happy Treks does exceptionally well and boasts a team of 16 guides and porters.

Happy Treks also offers day trips for those short on time. You can book full-day tours to Pokhora Valley and Dhampus. It’s good to know that some of the tour fees get donated towards building a computer lab and library for the Kaskikot school.

5. Discovery World Trekking - Best Nepal Trekking Company For Large Groups

Discovery World Trekking was started by Mr. Paul Guring who took time to consult with professionals in the industry and run his company the best way, right from the start. It has been open just over ten years and has already assisted over 50,000 clients.

Discovery World aims to create amazing experiences and happy guests. They often deal with large groups (up to 18 people). Their responsive team is caring and professional and has become popular with women travelers.

6. Eastern Light Treks, Pokhara 

Eastern Light Treks is 100% Nepalese owned. They operate by the ethos is that tourism should contribute to local economy and not damage the environment. Travellers can book small group tours for a more personalized experience. They also offer private hikes or sightseeing trips. On top of this, their pricing is very reasonable.

Alongside the popular Nepal treks like Everest Base Camp, Langtang Valley and the Annapurna circuit, Eastern light runs more restricted trekking routes. These tend to be more strenuous hikes that take up to 20 days. You can also sign up for safaris and exciting activities like paragliding!

7. Ethical Trekking Nepal, Pokhara - Best Nepal Trekking Company For Authentic Homestay Experience


Ethical Trekking Nepal is a small company with a big heart. As the name suggests, they give back to local communities. The owner, Krishna Acharya, also runs a children’s home .The home is partially funded by tour income and supported by an NGO in France.

Ethical Trekking Nepal offers a unique homestay accommodation. Stay at the orphanage with the family and eat local dishes before or after your trek.

Krishna has a small team of friendly and experienced guides and porters. You can choose from several of Nepal’s famous treks including Gokyo Lake, Everest and Poonhill.

8. Himalayan Glacier Trekking, Kathmandu - Best Private Tours

Himalayan Glacier offers their customers exclusive tours that are fully customizable to private groups, or individuals. The company has a high level of professionalism with passionate guides who are sensitive and respectful to the environment.

They offer a range of adventure styles to suit every traveler. This includes trekking, eco-adventures and, family-friendly travel. Himalayan Glacier has luxury options including lodge-to-lodge and helicopter combination treks.

This is a great company to use if you want to plan and book a honeymoon or anniversary trip. Himalayan Glacier also offers the more classic, multi-day treks with groups capped at 12 people.

9. The Great Adventure Treks & Expedition, Kathmandu 

The Great Adventure lives up to its name and creates unforgettable trekking and adventure experiences in Nepal. This company has been around since 1999, that’s almost 25 years of experience!

Along with amazing multi-day hikes, the company has a reputation for excellent private day tours. The owner, Mr. Chudamani (‘Mani’) goes out of his way to help customers in all aspects of planning their trip.

Tours are offered in English and some of the guides at Great Adventures can speak Chinese. They can also arrange rafting, paragliding, mountain biking and helicopter tours.

10. Breathe Nepal Trekking, Pokhara - Best Affordable Private Trekking Tours In Nepal

Breathe Nepal Trekking specializes in stress-free, private trekking experiences. The company’s goal is to provide unique and tailored adventures. With Breathe, safety and flexibility are priorities.

For private treks, the prices are really good. I also like that you do not need to make a pre-payments when you book with this company. Breathe Trekking is a great choice for young couples who would like a more romantic, private experience but cannot affor full-out luxury.One of their top-selling tours is the private, 4-Day Poohill trek. This costs just over $700 for two people.

11. Welcome Nepal Treks PLtd - Best Budget Nepal Trekking Company

Welcome Nepal Treks operates in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. They have a high variety of options including Yoga and meditation packages.

This operator offers Luxury Trekking options which are a popular choice for travelers with a higher budget. On the flip side, you can book group treks at almost half the rate of individual prices. There is truly something for every type of travel style!

In the 12 years it’s been running, more than 800, 000 travelers have chosen Welcome Nepal Treks. They have experienced and fun guides with some of the best prices of any Nepal tour operator.

12. Himalaya Heart Treks And Expeditions Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu

Himalaya Heart Expeditions was formed in 2004. They specialize in trekking and mountain climbing. The Himalaya Heart team is made up of experts in Nepal tourism, many of whom have been guiding for over a decade.

This is a small and humble company. The Managers go out of their way to make sure you have a memorable trip that goes without a hitch. From booking to the trek itself, every detail is taken care of. Himalaya Heart offers a range of trekking experiences including day treks and multi-day routes.

13. Destination Unlimited Treks and Expeditions Pty. Ltd., Kathmandu

Destination Unlimited was started in 2010. The director, Ashok Niroula, started his career as a porter and later worked as a guide. He and his wife opened the company with the goal of providing good customer care at reasonable prices.

Destination Unlimited Treks and Expeditions has become a trusted operator for larger trekking groups. Their Annapurna Base camp trek is one of their best sellers. They can also arrange group tours in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Mr Ashok and his team will help plan and arrange all the logistics for your trip.

14. Nepal Trekking Company (Kathmandu) 

The Nepal Trekking Company has tour offices in the tourist city of Kathmandu. They offer Nepal trekking tours for beginners to experienced trekkers. They have different packages that will suite a range of budgets.

Santosh Adhikara first moved to Kathmandu in 2000. After gaining experience in Nepal’s trekking and tourism industry, he started the company in 2013. Guests love the attentive, kind guides. You can also depend on good organization and planning when booking with Nepal Trekking Company.

15. Nepal Trekking Experts Pvt. Lmt. 

If your looking for affordable trekking adventures in Nepal, Nepal Trekking Experts are a good pick. They offer 37 different package options for hiking routes. They also have a few options for adventure, peak climbing and city tours in Kathmandu.

Nepal Trekking Experts cater for all group sizes. Whether you are looking for a private trek with one or two people or planning a big group adventure, Nepal Trekking Experts can help you out. This Nepal travel agency also allows travelers to customize thier trip according to budget and available dates.

16. Nepal Trekking Planner, Kathmandu 

Since its inception in 2000, Nepal Trekking Planner has aimed to provide guests with treks across Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet. Their hiking tours are small groups. Usually 8-10 but not over 12 people. Since the company started, over 30,000 customers have booked with Nepal Trekking Planner.

Choose from a diverse array of Himalayan adventures which include trek of different difficulty, Wildlife safaris, family holidays and volunteering. Nepal Trekking planner is committed to responsible tourism. They contribute to conservation initiatives and social projects.

17. Trekking Mart, Kathmandu

Trekking Mart Nepal is a small team of 15 people with more than 20 years experience in leading trekking expeditions in Nepal. Trekking Mart offers multilingual guides who can speak English, Chinese as well as some Italian, French and Japanese.

This Nepal tour operator is very flexible. Tours and trekking expeditions can be booked according to your available time and budget. They also have good connections with local hotels and activity operators that offer bungy jumping and paragliding.

Best Trekking Companies in Nepal -International Agencies

nepal trekking companies

So far, this list has only covered the top local trekking companies in Nepal. At Mountain IQ, we believe its always best to support local. However, it’s worth mentioning two of the top international adventure companies that operate in the region.

18. G-Adventures

As one of the best group travel companies in the world, G-Adventures offers trekking packages in Nepal. You can book the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek through G-Adventure. They also offer a ‘Nepal Adventure’ package which includes day hikes from Pokhara.

Generally, G-Adventures is going to be more pricey than booking through a local company. The benefit of G-Adventures is that you always know what you are buying. Their tours have been fine-tuned after years of experience.

Joining a group tour with G-Adventures is a good option for backpackers solo travelers looking for a safe option where they can meet other people.

19. Intrepid Travel

Another international adventure operator with an impeccable reputation. Intrepid Travel is one of the longest running and most trusted adventure travel agencies. They are a comparatively expensive option  but you can be assured of quility and a smooth, detailed itinerary.

Intrepid run smaller group sizes, they cap their list at 12 people which is more of a private feel than G-Adventures. Choose from a wide range of Nepal trekking and sightseeing tour packages. The company is known for amazing customer care from the moment you contact them through every step of the trip.

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