Gamma Graphene Jacket Review

Updated: April 9, 2023
gamma graphene jacket

The GAMMA Graphene Jacket is an all-seasons utility jacket for the modern adventurer.

If you’re after a multi-faceted jacket for running in the city, chilling at the campsite, or hiking a trail, GAMMA’s jacket, with its tough graphene exterior and thermoregulating abilities, is worth considering.

What started as a Kickstarter project has quickly become one of the most talked-about products on the market. While the built-in heating system is very novel, the unisex jacket has other outstanding specs that caught my eye.

I put the GAMMA Graphene Heated Jacket through its paces, and here’s what I thought. 

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GAMMA Graphene Jacket Detailed Review

Manufacturer: Wear Graphene


  • It's really lightweight and breathable, but also quite stylish. I'd be happy to wear it in and around the town as well as on the trail. 
  • The zips are awesome. I hate jackets with poorly conceived zips. The GAMMA's zips are very well constructed.
  • Loads of pocket space - seriously you won't be short of pocket options.
  • The heating pads are a novel feature and do kick out good heat.


  • Power bank is not included, so if you plan to use the heating pads frequently you'll need to buy a separate power bank.
  • Only available in black - I like black but some folk might want an alternative colour to choose from.

Should you buy the Gamma Graphene Jacket?

Overall, I’d say this is a high-quality, high-spec heated jacket. Made from graphene-infused, waterproof, and UV-blocking material, GAMMA’s jacket is suited to outdoor enthusiasts, travellers, and sportspeople.

As a Nobel prize-winning material, Graphene doesn’t come cheap, and this is reflected in the jacket’s price tag. However, the material is extremely hardy and has a lot going for it, making it worth the investment.

If it’s tech-wear that you’re interested in, the built-in heating system and customisable temperature control ensure you’re comfortable at all times. Unfortunately, the power supply isn’t included. Given its heating abilities and lightweight design, the jacket is pretty versatile for travellers. It can do the job of several heavier jackets while saving space in your luggage. The different heat settings and graphene technology mean you can use it in anything from mild to near-freezing weather conditions.It also helps that the material is odour resistant as well as scratch and scuff proof.

In general, the jacket is stylish and sleek, with multiple well-placed pockets. Straps on the wrists, waist, and hood seal out the elements and make for a snug fit. Despite being a heated jacket, you can also benefit from the GAMMA Graphene jacket in summer. The material wicks moisture and expels heat to keep your body temperature cool and regulated. All-in-all, you can expect to use the jacket across seasons for years to come. 

Gamma Graphene Heated Jacket Features

Graphene-Infused Layer

Graphene is famous for its use in bulletproof protection clothing. It’s hailed as one of the strongest materials in existence, even compared to diamonds.

In addition to being tough, Graphene is super thin, ultra light-weight, and very flexible. These qualities make it unrivalled for weatherproofing adventure wear.

GAMMA has incorporated this technical carbon layer into its clothing. Following this engineering process, the levels of insulation and durability the jacket provides are leagues above your ordinary jacket.

The jacket’s relatively thin material is great for trapping heat. A latticed structure helps distribute heat evenly across the body for better temperature regulation. It’s also repellent to wind, snow, and rain.

Note that although this jacket is waterproof, it will eventually soak through in a heavy downpour. It hasn’t been designed primarily as a rain jacket.

If you’re planning on being outdoors in a heavy downpour or consistent rain, you might be better off with one of these top hiking rain jackets instead.

Carbon Heating System

Undoubtedly the selling point of this jacket is its battery-powered heat system.

You might expect to find wires and chunky switches in such a system. Yet, surprisingly, the heating network is completely hidden and weighs next to nothing.

There are three different heat settings to choose from. This means you can select the most comfortable option based on the activity you’re doing or ambient temperature.

The three carbon heating elements are placed near each of your hands and one on your upper back. I found the design allows for even heat distribution that you can feel within seconds.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no power supply included with your jacket purchase. For optimal heating, we recommend you invest in a good-quality power bank (I recommend the INIU power bank).

The effectiveness of the heating system, i.e., how long it lasts, and how much space pocket-space it takes up, will depend on the power bank you attach.

Stylish Overall Look and Fit

Aside from its functionality, this is a good-looking jacket. The look is sleek and understated as far as outdoor gear goes, and the jacket is versatile enough to wear on a town trip.

While the jacket sits relatively close to your body, it still allows for freedom of movement and is lightweight. I found the jacket to fit true to size, and although it’s unisex, the cut more closely reflects a man’s cut.

Note that for the time being, the jacket is only available in the colour black.

Adjustable Drawstrings and Features

If you’re outdoors in the cold a lot, it helps if your jacket provides an extra snug fit. To prevent moisture or cold from getting to your skin, you can adjust the hood and the waist of your jacket using drawstrings.

Besides that, the jacket comes with built-in hand-sleeves and velcro on the cuffs to block out cold air, even when you lift your arms.

You can also pull out a hem flap at the back to cover your posterior and get extra length and protection from dripping water. This also helps prevent your pants from getting wet if you sit on damp ground.

We like the high neck that zips right up and keeps the hood in place. Given the hood size, we’d say you can comfortably fit the hood over a cap or climbing helmet, which is super useful.

Handy Pockets and Zippers

The Gamma Graphene Jacket has ten pockets in total.

If you’re a mountaineer, you’ll love the two chest pockets. You’ll be able to stick your gear or gadgets in there and access them even with a harness on.

Besides that, there are two standard front pockets, a small pocket on each sleeve, and four more inside the jacket. One of the inside pockets is designed to store your power bank and has a USB attachment built-in.

Each pocket closes neatly with a good-quality, waterproof zipper - there’s no annoying snagging or jamming.

Breathability and Durability

With Graphene incorporated into the material, the GAMMA jacket is both breathable and durable.

The layer is semi-permeable, wicking moisture away from your body without letting in cold air. It means you won’t get that sticky feeling if you are working up a bit of a sweat.

If you’re into backpacking adventures, the jacket is inherently anti-odour and hypoallergenic. This is great news as it won't start to smell when crammed into small spaces with worn clothing.

Finally, the outer is scratchproof, scuff-proof, and tear-proof. You will be wearing this jacket for years to come.


The GAMMA's lightweight design puts it ahead of its competitors as a heated jacket. Even with the heating system, it weighs just under 500 grams.

It also folds up relatively small and easily squeezes into small gaps in your hiking bag.

To sum it up, the GAMMA Graphene Jacket does the job of a down jacket or weather-resistant jacket while looking stylish enough to wear for a coffee run on a cold day in the city.

The technology is relatively new, and we look forward to seeing what Gamma does next.

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