Top 6 Easy Treks In Patagonia

A land forgotten by time, Patagonia is a true wilderness and one of least touched landscapes on earth.

Located along the southern tip of South America, Patagonia boasts a wide array of landscapes that never fail to impress.

With rugged boulders, soaring rock formations and staggering glaciers, Patagonia is fast becoming one of the world’s top trekking destinations.

Don’t let this put you off though, Patagonia is still relatively unknown and, depending on the trek you choose, you’ll have the wild landscape all to yourself!

However, whilst Patagonia offers some of the most epic and difficult treks on earth, there is also a great range of easy treks for people just starting out. To help you choose your perfect entry level hike, we have put together our top 6 recommendations.

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Easy Patagonian Treks

1. Peninsula Llao Llao Circuit


Taking roughly 4 hours, the 9 mile Peninsula Llao Llao Circuit is a great starter trek for visitors wanting to ascend a small summit and get awesome views!

Located in an ancient forest, the Llao Llao Municipal Park is a stunning mix of natural woods, blue lakes and the famous Cerro Llao Llao (Mount Llao Llao).

The trek is mostly flat and for much of the hike trekkers will be immersed in the beautiful forest as they make their way towards Mount Llao Llao.

The ascent itself is only 900 meters and not particularly strenuous when you take it slowly. From the top you get some epic panoramic views across the entire park!

2. Mirador Las Torres (The Towers)


One of the most iconic landmarks in South America, the towers are both epic and mesmerising. At around 5 miles in length, the Mirador Las Torres (The Towers) trek is one of the easiest in the region.

Mostly flat, the trek takes roughy 4-5 hours (depending on fitness levels) and journeys to the Base de las Torres where, if the weather is on your side, you’ll get the postcard picture you came for!

Although fairly easy, the last 60 minutes of the trek does involve some boulder scrambling. If you want to stay the night before returning, the nearby Campamento Torres is a stunning campsite with a friendly atmosphere.

3. Paso Los Cuernos


Following the north shore of Lago Nordenskjöl, the Paso Los Cuernos is a lovely easy trek for travellers wanting a picturesque stroll in peaceful surroundings.

The trek generally takes less than 5 hours and the grand total of miles covered is just 7.

The trail is mainly flat and is well suited to any level of hiker. The hike starts at Campamento Italiano and winds its way between the beautiful sapphire lake of Nordenskjöl whilst getting breathtaking views of many jagged peaks that characterise much of Patagonia.

4. Alerce Andino National Park


Nestled between volcanoes, mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the Alerce Andino National Park trail is a fantastic hike for the less experienced trekker.

The gentle 8 mile walk takes roughly 5 hours to complete and hikers will find the contrast between the coastal sections and the forest sections simply beautiful.

Along the route you’ll see authentic Patagonian villages and witness a landscape that has been transformed over millions of years.

Along the trek you’ll also spot the first fjord of Patagonia! If you want something slightly longer then there is the option to visit the lovely Sargazo Lagoon which adds 4km onto your journey.

5. Vicente Perez Rosales National Park


The Vicente Perez Rosales National Park hike is a stunning loop trail that takes 6 hours to complete.

The 7 mile hike is mainly on gravel trails and you’ll have to climb fairly steeply in several sections. The reward though is stunning views across lakes and volcano craters that make up Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.

At the highest point you’ll be greeted with a view of the Andes mountain range and the gorgeous Todos Los Santos Lake!

On the trail back to your starting point of Puerto Varas you’ll pass by the Petrohue Falls. This is a stunning set of cascading waterfalls that flow over ancient lava flows. This is a perfect trek for first time hikers looking for a good introductory climb and a little challenge.

6. The Iconic Grey Glacier


Unlike most hikes, this trek begins with a boat trip! The journey starts in Pudeto Dock where you set sail across Lake Pehoé for several hours. The lake is both beautiful and tranquil and is the perfect way to begin your trek.

Once ashore you set off along your trail, heading into the western part of the Torres del Paine National Park.

After trekking for several hours through the gorgeous Cañadon del Viento Valley, you’ll begin climbing steadily. At the highest point of your trek you’ll get the view you came to see – the iconic Grey Glacier!

The glacier itself is absolutely enormous and covers over a 100 square kilometres! Below your view point you’ll also see the beautiful Grey Lake which you will then descend down to. Feel free to have a wander along the lake before taking a boat home.

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