Hiking In Finland – 7 Best Hikes In Finland

Updated: March 24, 2023

Terve! Welcome to the land of a thousand lakes, a country where nature is abundant and pristine. Finland is a hiker's paradise, offering breathtaking scenery, fresh air, and endless opportunities for adventure.

From the rugged wilderness of Lapland to the peaceful forests of Southern Finland, there's a hiking trail for everyone in Finland. Lace up your boots and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of this Nordic wonderland.

The changing seasons bring their own unique charm to Finland's hiking trails. In the summer, the sun never sets, and the landscape is bathed in a warm glow. In autumn, the colors of the trees are a sight to behold, and in winter, the snow-covered landscape is a winter wonderland.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner, hiking in Finland has something to offer everyone. 

Here are the best hikes in Finland.

Top Hiking Trails In Finland

1. The Karhunkierros Trek (Bear’s Ring)

We begin with one of the oldest and most established hiking trails in Finland, the Karhunkierros Trek. It highlights some of the best scenery in the country!

There are four trailheads to begin this trek;  the Northern access points are from Huatajarvi Visitor Centre (on the road to Salla), or further south on Rd 950 at Ristikallio Parking Lot; and the Southern access points are from Ruka Ski Resort or further northeast at Juuma Village.

The hike takes you through Oulanka National Park and is well marked. There are wilderness huts available to stay overnight if you would like to turn this day hike into a 2 or 3 day hike. Huts get very crowded during the peak hiking season so book in advance. You are also welcome to camp!


2. Tulliniemi Nature Path

An extraordinary maritime trail! Located where the mainland ends at the tip of the Cape of Hanko is the Tulliniemi Nature Trail. Stunning cliffs, lush forests and epic viewing points await on this trail and it is also part of the Tulliniemi Bird Sanctuary, which belongs to Finland’s Natura 2000 network.

You’ll follow designated paths, marked with white paint, that keep you from disturbing the protected wildlife that lives in the park. It’s a 7km hike and the terrain can get rough so make sure you are fit enough to make it through the trail.


3. Santalahti Nature Trail

Located in the Kotka-Hamina region of Finland, the Santalahti Nature Trail runs through forest areas and rocky shorelines of the Gulf of Finland. It offers exceptional views over the sea and the tall seaside cliffs offer views of the impressive archipelago.

The trail is 5km and features wooden pathways and bare rock. It can get slippery during the rainy period but it is still a great trail for the whole family!

Along the trail is the Santalahti Holiday Resort which has awesome food, and there are great places to stay and restaurants to try along the way. Or why not stop and have a picnic or have a barbecue? There are grills and spots near the parking area to have a great time with your family or friends.


4. Juutua Nature Trail

Located in the Finish Laplands of Inari, the Juutua Natura Trail should be at the top of your list for hikes in Finland! You’ll park at Siida where the trail begins and follow the well-marked path into nature.

The trail takes you through a beautiful forest and over the Juutua River Falls and then heads back into Inari. Watching the rapids crashing down the river as you head over the bridge is a much-loved sight on the trail!

It can take around 3 hours to complete the whole route, depending on your pace its 6km in total. The Juutua Nature Trail is a pleasant hike for the whole family and is even great to hike during the winter months!


5. Pornaistenniemi Nature Trail

A peaceful and rejuvenating experience, the Pornaistenniemi Nature Trail is a great way to reconnect with nature. The 1km trail brings you to 10 short poems which describe the stunning natural surroundings of Pornaistenniemi.

Its part of a network of trails around Old Town Bay and is accessible for wheelchairs, child friendly and perfect for the whole family. So if you are looking for a little peace, to get close to nature and spend time in fresh air, this is the trail for you.


6. Mount Halti Hike

Classified as one of the most difficult hikes in Finland, the peak of Mount Halti is also the highest point in Finland reaching 1,331m above sea level. The mountain is right on the border of Norway and Finland, literally 150m from the border of Finland, making for a fascinating view of both countries at the same time! A once in a lifetime opportunity.

The 14km trail leads through scree for most of the way which makes this a challenging 6 hour hike. There are areas where you are exposed and if it has been raining the path becomes very slippery. It is a good idea to attempt the hike during the summer months when the trail is dry and the snow has melted completely.


7. Pyhä Mountain Peak Trail

A spectacular trail that takes you to the top of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, located in Lapland. Along the hike you will pass through old forests and amazing stone gorges. This area is stunning year-round!

The views from the peak will blow you away. Thankfully, the trail is suitable for beginners and during winter you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights!


Finland Hikes FAQ

When is the best time to hike in Finland?

All seasons in Finland have something to offer tourists and outdoor adventurers. While most times of the year are great to visit this country, the summer months of May to September offer the mildest temperatures and weather conditions and is the best time for hiking.

During the winter months, the country remains blanketed in snow. Temperatures are typically below freezing. While its not great for hiking, you will find endless incredible skiing and snowshoeing opportunities in this beautiful country.

Can you hike with huskies in Finland?

Yes, you can hike with huskies in Finland. There are many companies that offer guided hiking tours with huskies, where you can explore the Finnish wilderness while being pulled along by a team of enthusiastic dogs.

Which hiking trails are near Helsinki?

There are several hiking trails near Helsinki. Some of the most popular include the Nuuksio National Park, which is located about 30 kilometers from Helsinki and has over 80 kilometers of hiking trails, as well as the Sipoonkorpi National Park, which is located about 25 kilometers from Helsinki and has over 50 kilometers of hiking trails. Other nearby hiking areas include the Porkkala Peninsula and the Espoo Central Park.

What is the longest hiking trail in Finland?

The longest hiking trail in Finland is the Karhunkierros Trail, which is located in Oulanka National Park in Northern Finland. The trail is approximately 80 kilometers long and takes an average of 3-7 days to complete.

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