Druk Path Trek – Discover The Wonders Of Bhutan

On this page you will find a comprehensive and impartial guide to the Druk Path Trek in Bhutan.

Druk Path Trek - Route Overview

The amazing kingdom of Bhutan boasts some of the worlds most beautiful and breath taking treks. They range from the arduous Snowman Trek (which fewer people have completed than have ascended Everest) to the Druk Path Trek, a trek that offers a great introduction to hiking in Bhutan.

Regional Map


The Druk Path trek leads from Paro to Thimphu. The map shows the trekking regions in Bhutan. The Druk Path follows well trodden trails in the west of the country.

Druk Path - Typical Itinerary


As with most Bhutan Treks, the starting point of the 6-day Druk Path Trek is the gateway to the Happy Kingdom – Paro. This is mostly due to the fact that it’s home to one of the only airports in the country, unless you want to take a bus through India as there are no trains operating in Bhutan.

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Day 1: Paro to Jela Dzong

Day 2: Jele Dzong to Jangchulakha

Day 3: Jangchulakha to Jimilangtsho Lake

Day 4: Jiminlangstho to Simkota

Day 5: Simkota to Thimpu City

Guides & Guidebooks

Like most treks in Bhutan, routes can be very intricate and even when they are not it’s still advised to join a guide or a tour in case of getting lost. Most amenities aren’t readily available as soon as you set out of Paro and if you compound this with injuries on the route, there is no question you should have company whilst attempting the trek. 

For a detailed Bhutan guide we recommend the Bhutan Lonely Planet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Druk Path Trek


When is the best time to complete the Druk Path Trek?

Bhutan has one of the highest rainfall statistics in the world and there will almost definitely be rain on one of the days of the trek. The months with the lowest rainfall seem to be from around June to mid October.


How much does the Druk Path Trek cost?


The main airport in Bhutan is Paro International Airport, and most flights into the kingdom land there. (PBH/VQPR).


Being one of the shortest treks in Bhutan, prices for the Druk Path Trek are relatively low in comparison to some of the other more advanced and longer treks. Starting prices around $2500 to about $4000. The higher the price, the more luxuries en route.


Are permits required for the Druk Path Trek?

There used to be lots of regulations with regards to tourists in Bhutan, but in the last couple of years this has eased up. Nowadays all you need is a visa – which are processed by a licensed Bhutanese tour operator or a foreign travel agent, and cost around $40


How difficult is the Druk Path Trek?

The Druk Path Trek is not very taxing, but still requires you to be adequately prepared and fit for trekking. It’s also a necessity that you be prepared for high altitudes as a failure to do so could land in you hot water and having to call out the lone Bhutanese Mountain Helicopter to come pull you out.


Is altitude sickness a risk?

Yes. The Druk Path trek ascends to over 4,000m. Therefore, it is important to have an understanding of the altitude risks involved with this trek. Please read our detailed section on altitude sickness and acclimatization.


What gear do I need for Druk Path?

Pack light and efficiently. This is your basic mantra when packing. Layers of clothing are essential and it’s best to source quick drying materials wherever possible.

To help you plan and prepare for your trek we have written a detailed multi day hike packing list.

What travel insurance do I need for Druk Path?

Most travel insurance does cover the maximum height faced on the Druk Path Trek. Make sure you check with your insurance provider that the exact heights are covered and you’re not a few metres short.

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