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Route Overview

The Chomolhari Trek in Bhutan is a perfect combination of high altitude hiking and rugged trekking that can be completed in a relatively short time span.

The altitude on the Chomolhari trek changes from 2,500m to 4,940m. The trek spends 10 days on a high alpine world that few people might never ever have the opportunity to witness.

Wander through meadows where herdsman guide their yaks to pasture, sip tea as you watch the first rays of light strike the protecter of Bhuan, Chomolhari, and ascend rugged hills to learn more about the kingdom that is the happiest in the world.

Regional Map

The Chomolhari Trek cuts through a variety of regions in the north-west of Bhutan.

The map illustrates Bhutan’s main trekking regions.


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Click each day to

Day 1: Paro to Shana Zampa (2,850m/9,348ft): 15 km, 5 – 6 hours

Day 2: Shana Zampa to Soi Thangthangkha (3,750m/12,300 ft): 20 km, 7 – 8 hours

Day 3: Soi Thangthangkha to Jangothang (4,040m/13,250 ft): 19 km, 7 – 8 hours

Day 4: Rest Day in Jangothang

Day 5: Jangothang to Lingshi (4,000m/13,120ft): 18 km, 7 – 8 hours

Day 6: Lingshi to Shodu (4,100m/13,450ft): 22km, 8 – 9 hours

Day 7: Shodu to Barshong (3,600m/11,810ft): 16km, 6 – 7 hours

Day 8: Barshong to Dolam Kencho (3,600m/11,810ft): 15km, 5 – 6 hours

Day 9: Dolam Kencho to Thimpu (2,350m /7,710ft): 8km, 3 – 4 hours


Video Overview

A cool video of the Chomolhari Trek by Youtuber, Koodal. It’s just over 4 minutes and provides a good insight into the main sights along the trek.


Like most treks in Bhutan, intimate knowledge of the paths is a necessity before setting out. It is not advised that you attempt the Chomolhari Trek without proper guides who know the area and the locals.

Tour Recommendation

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