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Updated: March 23, 2023
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Want to see Yellowstone National Park’s most photographed thermal feature from an overlook that offers spectacular aerial views?

Skip (some of) the crowds on the Midway Geyser Basin boardwalks and take a hike up to the overlook point to get a different perspective of the colourful Grand Prismatic Spring.  

This article provides everything you need to know about the Grand Prismatic Spring hike.

Grand Prismatic Spring Quick Facts

  • Overlook offers stunning aerial views of Grand Prismatic Spring
  • Short hike 5.5km return, long hike 11.5km return
  • Busy and popular route
  • Best in late Spring, Summer and early Fall
  • No permit required
  • Trails closed during winter months
  • Bear management area

Grand Prismatic Spring Hike Overview

The Grand Prismatic Spring trail is an easy hike up to an overlook that offers astounding aerial views of the largest hot spring in the United States (third largest in the world).

A newly constructed trail has replaced the numerous ‘social’ trails that picked their way over fallen trees up the rocky hill, and now offers hikers a safe and gradual climb up ‘Picture Hill’ to a constructed overlook. 

The overlook offers a great photographic opportunity to get a postcard shot of the iconic spring, identifiable by its vivid rainbow colours that are a result of the microbial mats that live around the edge of it.

Other Midway Geyser basin thermal features such as Excelsior Geyser, Turquoise Pool, Opal Pool and a large geyser crater can also be seen from here. 

The distance of this hike can be tailored according to how energetic you feel.  For a shorter trail of 5.5km return, park 1.5km south of the Midway Geyser Basin

Begin your hike by crossing over the Firehole River using the old bridge and then follow the wide, flat, dirt road to the Fairy Falls trailhead.

This section of the trail is open to both cyclists and hikers, but cyclists will need to leave their bike at the trailhead before going any further.  From here follow the trail to the left and a gradual incline through new lodgepole forest growth will get you to the overlook.

If you are feeling up for an 11.5km return hike, then park at the end of the Fountain Flat drive and take Freight Road to the Fairy Falls trailhead. Freight Road is a flat dirt road that passes through a scenic valley where bison are found year round.

It will also take you past Ojo Caliente Spring, past one of the backcountry campsites as well as Goose Lake, and then along the Firehole River for a bit before you get to the Fairy Falls trailhead.

Once at the trailhead make your way up the hill to the overlook. This longer route is an easy 11.5km return.

Grand Prismatic Spring Trail Map

The Grand Prismatic Spring Trail is found in the Old Faithful area of Yellowstone National Park.  To get there from Old Faithful travel north along the Grand Loop Road to the Fairy Falls parking lot just south of the Midway Geyser Basin.

To access the long route start point on Freight Road take Grand Loop Road south from Madison for 9.3km until you reach Fountain Flat Drive. Turn right into Fountain Flat Drive and continue to the Freight Road trailhead. 

Lonely Planet Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks 5

This trail is fairly straightforward. Maps and route guides are available from the Visitor Centres and look out for the Fairy Falls trailhead routes to get you safely to the Grand Prismatic Spring overlook.

For an overview of Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks by Lonely Planet provides excellent advice on every aspect of the Park from accommodation, hiking, maps, when to go, where to stay, and is highly recommended.

Beware of bears

This trail runs through a bear management area. Be on the lookout for bears and keep a safe distance should you see any. Make sure you know the safety rules for hiking through bear country in Yellowstone National Park.

Grand Prismatic Hike Itinerary

Grand Prismatic Spring Hike 2

The short route should take you 1-2 hours, whilst the long route will take about 3 hours to hike. It all depends on which trailhead you pick.

Two trailheads offer different perspectives of the Grand Prismatic Spring, with the Fairy Falls Trailhead providing a more challenging hike and the Midway Geyser Basin Trailhead offering a more accessible option.

The Fairy Falls Trailhead is located south of Midway Geyser Basin and is a popular starting point for hikers looking to explore the Grand Prismatic Spring and its surrounding areas. Along the trail, hikers can also see the stunning Fairy Falls, a 200-foot waterfall that is a popular spot for photos.

The Midway Geyser Basin Trailhead is located near the Grand Prismatic Spring and offers a shorter hike to see the spring. The trailhead also provides access to other popular geothermal features in the area, such as Excelsior Geyser and Turquoise Pool.

Please note: It is an exposed trail, so make sure you are protected from the elements – try to avoid the midday heat, take sun cream and wear protective clothing.

Short Route from south of the Midway Gazer Basin

  1. Parking area to the Fairy Falls trailhead: From the parking area, cross the Firehole River bridge and follow the trail for 1.8km to the Fairy Falls trailhead.
  2. Trailhead to the overlook: At the trailhead take a left and hike 0.95km up the gradual incline to the overlook.
  3. Return on same itinerary.

Long Route from Freight Road

  1. Parking area to Fairy Falls trailhead: From the parking area, take a leisurely 4.8km stroll on Freight Road to the Fairy Falls trailhead.
  2. Trailhead to the overlook: From the trailhead hike 0.95km up the gradual incline to the overlook. 
  3. Return on same itinerary.

Video Overview

In this short video by Billings Gazette a Park Ranger gives a bit of information as to why a new trail and overlook was constructed, and you also get a glimpse of some of the amazing views from the overlook.

 Grand Prismatic Spring Hike FAQ

How long is the hike to Grand Prismatic Spring?

The hike to Grand Prismatic Spring can vary in length depending on from which trailhead you start. If you start from the Fairy Falls Trailhead, it's about a 5.5-mile round trip hike. If you start from the Midway Geyser Basin Trailhead, it's a shorter 1.6-mile round trip hike.

Where to hike to see Grand Prismatic Spring?

The best place to hike to see Grand Prismatic Spring is from the Midway Geyser Basin Trailhead. This trail will take you on a boardwalk that circles around the spring, providing stunning views of the vibrant colors and steam rising from the water. Be sure to arrive early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the crowds.

How to hike to Grand Prismatic Spring overlook?

To hike to the Grand Prismatic Spring overlook, take the Fairy Falls Trailhead. The hike is approximately 1.6 miles each way, with an elevation gain of around 105 feet. The overlook offers a unique vantage point to see the entire Grand Prismatic Spring and its surroundings from above. Please note that this trail can be steep and strenuous in some areas, so it's important to wear proper hiking shoes and bring plenty of water.

When is the best time to hike Grand Prismatic Spring Trail?

This trail is best in summer-time when visibility over the basin is good.  In cooler weather, more steam is produced and this can reduce visibility around the Spring. Please note that the trail is closed during winter into early spring.

How difficult is Grand Prismatic hike?

This is an easy and flat trail with a gradual incline up to the overlook.  A good overall level of fitness is always recommended.

What weather should I avoid on the hike?

Avoid hiking at midday during the hot summer months as the trail is fairly open and unprotected from the sun. It's a good idea to check the weather before going on this hike.

Where can I get water along refills on Grand Prismatic Spring trail?

Make sure you take enough drinking water with you on the trail.

What wildlife could I potentially see on the hike?

This trail is in a bear management area so be on the lookout for bears.  If you take the Freight Road route you will possibly see bison. Otherwise, birds are a common site in the national park.

What sights will I see on Grand Prismatic trail?

You will see the Grand Prismatic Spring, Turquoise Pool, Excelsior Geyser and Opal Pool.  If you take the long route you will also see Ojo Caliente Spring and Goose Lake.

What gear do I need for the Grand Prismatic Spring hike?

Hiking above the Grand Prismatic Spring requires few pieces of essential gear. Make sure you have a good pair of hiking shoes and take your day pack with all the essentials you might need to protect you from the elements. Do not forget your camera!

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